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As citizens of our nation, we should be proud of our frontline warriors who are ever ready to protect our nation at all times. One of which is The Indian Navy.

The Indian Navy plays a very important role in maintaining peace by protecting the nation’s maritime borders. Every year on the 4th of December, it is observed to be Indian Navy day. On this day, we celebrate their prestige, achievements, and the duty of the naval force towards the country. This day showcases the Navy’s contribution as a token of appreciation and dignity.

December 4 is celebrated as Indian Navy Day every year in the remembrance of the Operation Trident. The operation Trident was the attack that was set by the Indian Navy on Karachi harbour during 1971’s Indo-Pakistan war. As the part of this operation, five decades ago, it was on 4th December that the Indian Navy sank four Pakistani vessels and destroyed the Karachi harbour fuel fields in Pakistan. And hence, this day is celebrated as the mark of respect to those who were martyred in the war.

During Navy Week, various events take place, such as Ships are open for the visitors and the school children, performances by naval Symphonic Orchestra, open sea swimming competition, and many more, with Navy Day being the final day. On the eve of this day, the Navy organizes a Beating Retreat ceremony at the Gateway of India to mark Navy Day.

The Indian Navy acts as one of the backbones of the security of our Nation. So, we should always be grateful and thankful to our Naval forces who safeguard coastal boundaries around our nation. It is their never-ending determination that ensures a safe and bright future of India.

Contributed by Soujanya Mudliar, Content Writer at Mitti Ke Rang.

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