The pandemic has left thousands of people in a catastrophic situation. The disease has rearranged our entire life in many ways than one. Imagine, you click photos near the Eiffel Tower and visiting amazing places in Paris and the very next minute everything is under lockdown, and you are shut behind foreign doors with no way back home. Embassies around the world have taken vast measures to bring back their citizens home while undertaking all health-related measures that are important during the pandemic.

After being stranded for nearly two months, Indians across the world will begin their journey back by aircraft and naval ships. The government coordinated panel is to bring back 15,000 nationals from 13 countries. The “Vande Bharat” mission by the External Affairs Ministry, is expected to last for weeks, given the numbers of people who have registered with embassies in these countries. There are students whose university hostels have been shut down and laborers and businesses men who have lost their jobs that are appealing to be allowed to return home. With estimates of applicants ranging between 5,00,000 to 10,00,000, embassies and missions will cut down by prioritizing the list. A mandatory 14-day quarantine has to be carried out by the travelers.

Almost 5,700 U.S citizens have already returned home with the government’s assistance. Another 1,600 flights are scheduled for help. Americas that are stranded in Peru, Morocco, and Japan have pleaded for help to get back home. About 10 million American citizens live abroad, officials have asked citizens who have homes overseas to consider hunkering down. Others said the State Department planned to cancel the passports of travelers if they did not pay for their tickets home — even though they had not been told how much the chartered airfare would cost. German and French embassies have also taken measures to help citizens, by sending special flights. There are 100,000 Europen travelers that have registered to local embassies but sources say the figures are higher than that. The British High Commission has ensured the safety and wellbeing of its citizens and is working around the clock to provide help and support to the British people. (U.S department and state) has listed various precisions for travelers. They have listed a number of countries according to levels.

Level 1 — Normal precaution

Level 2 — An increased precaution

Level 3 — Reconsider traveling

Level 4 — Do not travel.

According to the levels, the travelers are asked to take the necessary safety measures.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India has asked passengers traveling from Italy or the Republic of Korea and desirous of entering India will need a certificate of having tested negative from COVID-19 from the designated laboratories authorized by Health Authority of these countries. All the incoming travelers, including Indians, arriving from China, Italy, Iran, the Republic of Korea, France, Spain, and Germany have to quarantine themselves for 14 days. All incoming In international passengers should self monitor their health and carry out the necessary dos and don’ts. While traveling if the passage feels sick, they should inform the airline crew about illness

* Seek mask from the airline crew.

* Follow the directions of the airline crew.

* Follow the direction of the airport health officer after disembarkation.

A larger number of the population is still stuck overseas and are unable to get the necessary help required to get home. A number of migrants have lost their jobs and are struggling to provide even one meal a day for their families. Travels that are staying in rented homes, are out of money to provide shelter for themselves. Diplomates around the world are providing food and shelter to as many people as they can. There are 13,500 Americans who still need help to get back home. The pandemic has separated a number of families. The virus has taken a toll on all our lives, and we hope we can build it back, together.

Contributed By- Tahreem Khaku, Content Writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

At Mitti Ke Rang, we started with a COVID-19 community support fundraising, as an emergency response to provide a safety net to families. This will help them survive in the lockdown period. We aim to directly support these families by providing a minimum wage, through transferring the same into their accounts or partner with local NGO, Organisation, Fellow or a volunteer, and support them with groceries.

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