Work from home and the remote work culture

Mitti Ke Rang always comes up with some interactive sessions and podcasts with topics that directly or indirectly impact our day-to-day lives. In this session, we had a conversation with Bhagyashree Pancholy with our host Shalini Singh. The topic discussed was about the current scenario of the work from home culture as Bhagyashree Pancholy has been doing that for the last eight years.

The most important aspect with which she began was the discipline that is required while working from home, as one needs while working from office. It is essential to have the proper work setup at home and also one needs to make sure to take intervals in between work. While the employee tries to create office at home, the employers also need to equip the employees with stable internet connections, laptop and things like that.

The ongoing pandemic can take a toll on Mental health, especially for those who are working away from their home in cities where one often feels lonely and alone in a big city. The employer’s and/or the managers should have a one on one session with every employee they’re managing and also to conduct meetings where the employee feels comfortable enough to discuss their mental health and asking how the company could help them be more productive. The employees should reach out to a therapist or a counselor if necessary, as mental health is equally important says Bhagyashree.

She helps people who’re transitioning into remote working and organizations which are independently transitioning their set up into remote working, she coaches them into how to be an effective employee, and for this, they conduct training and studying sessions, an aptitude for personality and learning development which will help them to be an effective employee.

When it comes to managing, it gets difficult especially for women who live in joint families and our mothers. As a mother herself she shares her experience stating that she works when her children are sleeping and when they’re busy with their grandmother. She advises having a talk with the family members telling them about the work from home schedule.

From the point of view of productivity, people working from home are more productive than people working in the office however this also depends on the personality of an individual and the situation and resources at home.

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