Women in the Armed Forces

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It takes next-level of bravery, determination and sacrifice to be a part of the Armed Forces. Amongst these brave heroes, we find extraordinary women who walk shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts fighting for the country and inspiring generations to come. The disquietude conveyed by the government, representing the Indian Armed Forces could not hold ground under the basic tenet of constitutional entitlement to dignity, which attaches
to every individual irrespective of gender. These are the essential changes and the military system has to gear up accordingly to alleviate the concerns, yet make sure that the operational effectiveness of the Armed Forces is not compromised. The variations in conditions of service for ladies officers and their men counterparts are perceived in favour, as well as, against them.

Women uplift participation and share strength and knowledge as they have learnt this since their childhood, and yet are ruthless when the situation demands. It is their natural tendency to enhance the self-worth of their colleagues and get the best out of them, a rare but much sought-after quality in a good leader. The best officers ought to get the command no matter
gender because the troops respect competent leaders.

Many women have done commendable work for the nation and created history in the Indian Armed forces. These are the names of some women in the Armed Forces Punita Arora, Padmavathy Bandopadhyay, Divya Ajith Kumar, Priya Jhingan, Sophia Qureshi, Nivedita Choudhury and many other brave women.

The Indian Air Force has accepted women as fighter pilots, and the Indian Navy considered women as sailors. But, this is not the case when it comes to the Indian army. Women in the armed forces have to face social, behavioural and psychological problems at all stages. According to the research, women are not completely satisfied with the ethos of the military
profession. Some of the difficulties faced by the women in the armed forces are listed below:
• Harassment
• Low Acceptance
• Lack of Job Satisfaction
• Poor Comfort Level
The role of women in the Indian military is very amusing. The fiction of women to put armour plate are not only a natural part of Indian mythology but was also very much a part of historical reality in India prior to independence. Thanks to the foresight of the Supreme Court to allowing women to combat in the armed forces. Women need to be accepted as ‘Leaders’ and not ‘Appointed officers’.

Contributed By- Vishakha Vijay Changedia, Content Writer Mitti Ke Rang




A social venture dedicated to empowering widows and single women to overcome poverty and dependency. https://mittikerang.org/

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Mitti Ke Rang

Mitti Ke Rang

A social venture dedicated to empowering widows and single women to overcome poverty and dependency. https://mittikerang.org/

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