Women Entrepreneurs Meetup 1.O Tezpur, was indeed a huge success!

We, at Mitti Ke Rang and Freebirds, would first of all like to thank you wholeheartedly for encouraging our initiative through your active participation and constant support. We cannot express how happy we are with the response we have received across the country.

As you may know, Mitti Ke Rang works towards empowering women by fostering entrepreneurship. Our aim is to bring together entrepreneurs like you & create opportunities for women across social & geographical boundaries. We truly believe that by collaborating with each other, you can create tremendous value for the society. This exclusive community will offer you business connections, support in marketing & distribution, we will also help you raise financial resources for expanding your business.

Freebirds is working towards creating a global community and online marketplace for local authentic creators, artists, educators, social ventures and entrepreneurs. We are looking forward to curate your profiles and turn your entreprenerial ventures, passion projects, skills and hobbies into unique learning experiences.

This is your own community so please feel free to suggest what else you need to build it into a stronger institution.

Thank you once again for being a part of this community.

If you're a female entrepreneur you've come to the right place. But don't worry, if you're just an aspiring business owner or first-time freelancer, fret not. This is the place for you, too.

So to help each other we did a small exercise where in we asked all to share about one skills they possess which they can pass on to someone and one help they require from the community.

Below is a compiled list of skills and help required by members who attended the meetup.

1) Sangeeta Tayal

Skills - Best ideas to travel all over the world.
Help required - Marketing Ideas for tour & travel business

2) Priyanka Agarwal

Skills - Good English teacher
Help required - Marketing Guidance

3) Malavika

Skills - Writing Skills
Help required - Hands who can support for my upcoming projects

4) Amisha Baruah

Skills - Love to socialise, interest in cooking
Help required - Networking

5) Baishali Bhowal

Skills - Teach students easy techniques
Help required - How to say no

6) Saheba Khan

Skills - Designing & Creativity
Help required - Patience

7) Arpana

Skills - Physiological Counselling & Strategy Building
Help required - Support

8) Dimpi

Skills - Embroidery & acting
Help required - Confidence, inspiration & a chance tor Community based work.

9) Puspa Ngate

Skills - To teach ( Education)
Help required - Traditional activites farming, weaving etc.

10) Himanshu

Skills - Can teach maths
Help required - Mental Support and inspiration

11) Ashmita

Skills - Free Education to kids/Dance classes
Help required - Inspiration/Content writing & blogging

12) Rajashree

Skills - Public relation, social media marketing & content writing
Help required - Networking

13) Koina

Skills - Marketing in Delhi University
Help required - Exposure & learning how to start something on my own

14) Anita Baruah
Skills - SHG president/ Working in hospital

We all know how valuable it can be to get out and meet people in real life. When meeting someone in person, there’s a deeper connection — a layer of trust — instantly established that takes longer to build when connecting online.

This meetup wouldn’t have been successful without the support from Rajshree Co Owner The Chocolate Room Tezpur. Thank you so much.

A social venture dedicated to empowering widows and single women to overcome poverty and dependency. https://mittikerang.myshopify.com

A social venture dedicated to empowering widows and single women to overcome poverty and dependency. https://mittikerang.myshopify.com