Women Entrepreneurs Meetup 1.O Pune, was indeed a huge success!

If you’re a female entrepreneur you’ve come to the right place. Even if you’re just an aspiring business owner or first-time freelancer, fret not. This is the place for you too.

The Mitti Ke Rang Women entrepreneurs community has an intention to build a tied knitted network of like-minded, entrepreneurial women.

We at Mitti Ke Rang would like to thank you for the outstanding response you gave to our very first meetup that happened in Pune on 7th March 2020.

And we are excited to announce that we will be organising Women Entrepreneur’s Meetup every month. We are now motivated to organize in more than 20 cities of India!

Join us in making Women Entrepreneurs Meetups a massive success and help us create a platform for women where they can help Connect, Network & Grow.

In that pursuit, we did a small exercise where they had to mention two things.

Skill ; The skills they can provide and help other women.

Help required — The one thing they are looking from the community to grow their business

Below is a compiled list of skills and help required by members who attended the meetup.

1. Saloni Burad
Help needed : I would like to be connected with the community across India and female entrepreneurs in the field of engineering.
Help I can give : Can help to build the community in Pune and volunteer to uplift rural women by education, basic art.

2. Komal Gaikwad
Help needed : 1) I need help in growing my business and flourishing.
2) I need to be in touch with a wider community for a one to one connect for everyone to grow in coordination.
Help I can give : 1) I can help community by growing their business training and helping women know different market insights.
2) I can help doing market surveys and research required to do business.

3. Shweta Vetal
Help needed : Networking and support.
Help I can give : Training support.

4. Krisha
Help needed : Networking.
Help I can give : Volunteering in any capacity meeting my skills.

5. Aishwarya S
Help needed : Would like to be connected with job seekers who are deserving and do not have opportunities. I have various openings with clients who want to recruit CA's, Advocates, etc. since finding the right person can be a challenge. Also, I plan to get into training people for interviews or personality development and all this is provided free of cost to people. For providing jobs also I do not charge any fees.
Help I can give : Help job seekers or people who are looking for a job through my firm upstart careers. Any kind of other help I can be of will be done.

6. Vandana Patil
Help needed :
Help I can give :

7. Rekha Matkar
Help needed :
Help I can give :

8. Hetal Gidwani
Help needed : Emotional support.
Help I can give : I don't know but you can share how I could help and I will try my best.

9. Pallavi Deshmukh
Help needed : Women, girls communities spaces for conducting workshops connections with NGOs, schools and communities to offer help and grow the therapy spaces for people.
Help I can give : Dance Movement Therapy (I can offer and would love to offer workshops), Visual Art Therapy, Mindfulness Meditation and Theatre Workshops.

10. Smita Gusani
Help needed : I need help to expand my Tupperware business by introducing to more areas and some for Vestige.
Help I can give : Any sort of help that I can provide even moral support.

11. Pushplata Kambli
Help needed : Swagat Collections - we need more marketing order in uniform like hotel, corporates, colleges, and govt. dept.
Help I can give : I am a social worker and I can help women for established business.

12. Komal Tarte
Help needed : Network of community.
Help I can give : I can share my knowledge in photography and arts through workshops and trainings.

13. Kavita Chhajed
Help needed : I want to register my class.
Help I can give : I can educate needy people.

14. Amruta Chogule
Help needed : I want to get out of my job, need a business idea and how to start and research needed.
Help I can give : I can give my time to MKR and social work.

15. Pratiksha Nighot
Help needed : Meeting the community again.
Help I can give : Conducting workshops regarding animation.

16. Anjana Jain
Help needed : Need customers for my beautician. Freelancing work for skin treatments, facial, etc.
Help I can give : Help others with skin treatments, help in cooking, organize kitchen with Tupperware demo and provide or give information about Vestige products for health.

17. Asmeeta Jacob
Help needed : I am looking for associates who can generate tours and travels enquiries from their community. We can provide them training wherever required.
Help I can give : I am willing to work as a mentor to new entrepreneurs, specially those who need guidance on finance, legal, market area of their business.

18. Jinal Sanghvi
Help needed : Acknowledgement and audience base to allow me spread movement based therapy to different populations like men, women, corporates, children, adolescents.
Help I can give : One to one counseling and support through tough emotions like stress, anger, self-doubt. Self-awareness, team bonding, emotional regulation experiential workshops.

19. Karuna Kamble
Help needed : Dental Health Care - Digital design + tech
Help I can give : Brand Awareness and Everything you need.

Location Courtesy — Urban Nomads

We all know how valuable it can be to get out and make connections when you don’t need the most.

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