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3 min readMar 18, 2020

Women Entrepreneurs Meetup 1.O Mumbai was indeed a huge success!

If you’re a female entrepreneur you’ve come to the right place. Even if you’re just an aspiring business owner or first-time freelancer, fret not. This is the place for you too.

The Mitti Ke Rang Women entrepreneurs community has an intention to build a tied knitted network of like-minded, entrepreneurial women.

And we are excited to announce that we will be organising Women Entrepreneur’s Meetup every month. We are now motivated to organize in more than 20 cities of India!

Join us in making Women Entrepreneurs Meetups a massive success and help us create a platform for women where they can help Connect, Network & Grow.

In that pursuit, we did a small exercise where they had to mention two things.

Skill ; The skills they can provide and help other women.

Help required — The one thing they are looking from the community to grow their business.

Below is a compiled list of skills and help required by members who attended the meetup.

1. Jalpa
Help needed : Interacting more and more.
Help I can give : Will try and attend the meetups.

2. Ruchi Kulkarni
Help needed : 1) Social Media 2) Space for conducting sessions on Dance Movement Therapy 3) Reach people who want to become fit.
Help I can give : 1) Sessions on Dance Movement Therapy 2) Fitness and Health talk sessions

3. Manali Joshi
Help needed : From the community I would like to receive the same positivity and boost that I received today.
Help I can give : I would love to help with the work of Mitti Ke Rang as and when possible.

4. Beenal Malje
Help needed : I need support to get members for my campaign.
Help I can give : I can give motivational speeches for your meets.

5. Pooja Anchan
Help needed : 1) Help in networking with new people for the cause I am currently working on, “Mental Health” FREE WORKSHOP. Help us in organising this in your sphere of contact (Indian Suicide Prevention Cause) 2) Any help in Digital Marketing
Help I can give : Any help in terms of free teaching to school children, mind management, etc.

6. Rafiya Mankar
Help needed : An exposure/promotion to my new catering business.
Help I can give : Whatever possible help I can give from my side for this community.

7. Sonali Bokarey
Help needed : Visibility of Business Lox Life Academy.
Help I can give : 1) Transformation Mentorship Workshops from version 2.0 to Freedom Revolution 2) How to monetize passion 3) Build Entrepreneurship.

Location Courtesy — Innov8 Mumbai.
Partner Courtesy - Heart Over Heals

We all know how valuable it can be to get out and make connections when you don’t need the most

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