Women Entrepreneurs Meetup 1.O Bangalore, was indeed a huge success!

If you’re a female entrepreneur you’ve come to the right place. Even if you’re just an aspiring business owner or first-time freelancer, fret not. This is the place for you too.

The Mitti Ke Rang Women entrepreneurs community has an intention to build a tied knitted network of like-minded, entrepreneurial women.

We at Mitti Ke Rang would like to thank you for the outstanding response you gave to our very first meetup that happy in Banglore on 8th Feb 2020.

And we are excited to announce that we will be organising Women Entrepreneur’s Meetup every month. We are now motivated to organize in more than 20 cities of India!

Join us in making Women Entrepreneurs Meetups a massive success and help us create a platform for women where they can help Connect, Network & Grow.

In that pursuit, we did a small exercise where they had to mention two things.

  1. Skill ; The skills they can provide and help other women.
  2. Help required — The one thing they are looking from the community to grow their business

So to help each other we did a small exercise where in we asked all to share about one skills they possess which they can pass on to someone and one help they require from the community.

Below is a compiled list of skills and help required by members who attended the meetup.

1) Akhila Maram

Skills - Digital Marketing & Graphic Designing
Help Required - In search of Women who runs Home based businesses.

2) Akshatha

Skills - Organising Events & Event related services
Help Required - Would like to connect with photographers, bridal makeup & Events vendor's

3) Alvina Begum

Skill - A cloud kitchen based food concept run by women ( Queen)

Help required - Women Entrepreneur's interested in cooking.

4) Shruti Jha

Skills - Nature and environment activities

Help required - Networking with schools, societies & Marketing.

5) Lily

Skills - General startup advice
Help required - Community of special needs.

6) Ayushi

Skills - Portfolio analysis & managing Digital currency

Help required - Community, connections marketing

7) Deepa Govind

Skills - Technology consultation, mentor to remote working Professionals.

Help required - Copywriting Community handler on Facebook

8) Dolly

Skills - Counselling, English language and global education

Help - Networking

9) Poornima

Skills - Yoga Course

Help Required - Digital Marketing

10) Shruthi

Skills - Software tester, marketing and managing
Help required - Require more opportunities.

11) Hanspreet
Skills - 3D Visualization, 3D walk thoughs ads
Help required - collaborate for food or clothing or anything based in Delhi

12) Monali

Skills - Good into writing poetry, arts and drawing.
Help required - Exhibition for her art work, energy bar need a baker.

13) Sweta

Skills - Startup Consulting & franchising her unit
Help required - Awareness about Baby spa, it's services and benefits.

14) Swetha Reddy

Skills - Digital Marketing
Help required - Looking for ideas.

15) Aishwarya Jaiswal

Skills -
Linguistic Skills
People Skills
Client Service
Interpersonal skills

Help Required -
Website Content & Design
Volunteers for Internet Marketing / Social Media
Network or connect with inbound tourism

Location Courtesy — Workstays

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We all know how valuable it can be to get out and make connections when you don’t need the most.

A social venture dedicated to empowering widows and single women to overcome poverty and dependency. https://mittikerang.myshopify.com