Why unlearning is difficult?

Unlearning what you have learned is also a branch of learning.
It is the comprehensive process of realizing that something learned earlier could be false, a bad habit, obsolete, or preconception. This process is ideally looked upon as deciding to remove such things from our memory for good. It involves forgetting, getting rid of something, or thoroughly losing its knowledge.

As an ancient Chinese philosopher once said, “To attain knowledge, add things every day. To attain wisdom, remove things every day.” — show the healthiness of the concept of unlearning.

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The role of unlearning has become vital today. Presume, how great and productive life would have been if one could simply unlearn a few misconceptions, bad habits, or beliefs that have brought nothing but negativity. Letting things go is also an example of unlearning which brings a notable difference in life. This teaches us to channelize the energy and get rid of the negativity we may have been holding in for long. As important as learning may be, the concept of unlearning stands equally important, for everyone, be it a student, an employee, or an artist. It is not always about letting unwise concepts or beliefs go but, at times to discard the old thought process and learn new things for striving progress. Things are evolving continuously, hence, to learn a new approach towards work, the need for unlearning the old ones may arise. The process of unlearning could be looked upon as a concept that helps you pave the way for re-learning.

It is generally said that unlearning is difficult than learning, to know what to unlearn, one should be self- aware of their thoughts, beliefs, assumptions, and habits. We are aware of things around us and others but, not about our selves — the primary reason why unlearning becomes difficult.

One needs to figure out the thoughts and habits that are holding back and unlearn them. If you are practically habitual to something, it can be quite difficult to get rid of the same. It is important to unlearn to accept, disagree but at the same time live in the consciousness of a different perspective as well. It creates a world of agreeing to disagree

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