Godman is a colloquial term used in India for a type of charismatic guru that is often raised to a demigod like a figure by their cult following. They usually have a high-profile presence and are capable of attracting attention and support from large sections of society. Godman who describe themselves as the medium between God and Devotees. They keep the knowledge of many religious books and spread this knowledge in detail.

Godmen are more popular in India because of the immense reverence and faith in God. Man looks for quick fixes and when a person who says is close to god gives these quick fixes, it is the hope that is still prevalent in people that accepts this blind faith.

Image from Times of India

Previously the popular godmen were found in forests and other lonely places, meditating for world peace, but today it has become a business, the faith of people is used against them. Money making is attached to it. Today every godman owns a business, an entity and that money is the money from the faith of people.

Today godmen are associated with one of the other criminal cases, the recent case of an Assam godman having raped a child, to a Tamil godman having started his own country. Metoo allegations and tax crimes the list just goes on and on.

Faith is blind, the faith towards a supernatural force is blind, and godmen exploit this blind faith. We aren’t saying that all godmen are evil, there are many spiritual gurus and many who run organizations that work towards a cause, but mostly they are a curtain towards a great business plan.

Contributed by Aman Jain content writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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