Why self-defence is necessary for all?

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What is self-defence? We frequently see movies and web series where the hero has to defend himself/herself from danger using self-defence. We sit there looking at the screen and think, “I wish I could do the same!” The media may make it look effortless. However, it’s not. It isn’t just about punching and kicking your way out of risky situations. Being able to defend yourself is an important earned skill. Self-defence “is the training and techniques necessary to defend yourself with one’s strength when targeted by crime or violence”. Not only does it require training, but also dedication.

In today’s world, it is paramount to know to protect yourself. We live in this brutal world of the 21st century where no one is completely safe. It appears as a responsibility and as well as an essence. Statistics show that one in three women will be the victim of some type of violent attack in her lifetime. Well, this is genuinely alarming! Learning self-defence and its techniques are beneficial in our day to day lives. Safety, discipline, a sharp mental focus, physical and mental health, street awareness, balance, social skills, and most importantly confidence are the underlying reasons why self-defence is essential for all of us.

Self-defence is essential irrespective of gender not only in India but also all across the world. Nonetheless, in India, the list of gruesome crimes is endless. The hideous crimes include sexual assaults, rape, marital rape, molestation, groping, eve-teasing, domestic violence, physical and mental abuse, kidnapping, murder, abatement to suicide, and acid attacks. These crimes are captured in the newspapers several times. Many cases of gender violence have not been captured. The crime rate against women in India is significantly increasing. As a result of these appalling crimes, learning self-defence has become essential day by day, specifically for women and children. It not only initiates awareness but also brings about cautiousness and equips them in times of danger against these criminals who select the targets who are unaware of their surroundings. This can also mitigate the count of crimes against women.

There are various stories that we hear other than from the news channels and social media of the elderly, men, women, children, and Trans who face sexual violence and abuse in some way or face a random attack by a stranger. Plenty of people who start training in self-defence usually begin after they have been a victim of an assault. The reasons behind why a person would be learning self-defence are ceaseless.

The world is wavering rapidly and unpredictably!

Contributed by Speniishtaa Sopariwalla, Content Writer at Mitti ke Rang.

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