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The ice sheets in Greenland are melting faster than ever, leading to a rise in sea levels by 1mm every year. This is just one of the hundreds of climate change issues that the world is facing right now. Until a few months back when all news apps were not focussing on the pandemic the newsfeed was generally articles on these issues. As an individual one might think that opting for Public transport whenever feasible, one is more aware and is not being responsible for unreasonable pollution. A few months back there was news of some Italian pizza place replacing the plastic straws with straws made of pasta, the initial thought that raised was that it was innovative, but the reason is not just that, some studies say that thirty percent of Italy might be under the ocean if the situation doesn’t improve. And this isn’t the situation of just one country but also in India, researchers have been saying that parts of Southern India are under the risk of submerging if the situation isn’t controlled; not just locally, but also globally.

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We do wonder how we in our trivial daily lives can do something which could impact such major and global climate changes, not realizing the severity of our actions, both positive and negative. The most basic changes in our lifestyles like making sure we use less electricity or not contributing to air pollution by taking our cycle or walking to places closer to our houses would also help us stay fitter and save up on our expenses while proving to be beneficial on a huge scale if adopted on a larger scale, consistently. With the recent move of our government to ban all kinds of single-use plastic is just one of the ways we can prevent the irreversible changes happening around us which we seem to ignore, like the reduced rainfalls and changed weather is normally cold places.

The simple switch of avoiding a plastic bag, a plastic straw, and various other single-use plastic items, we are making an impact because individual actions collectively lead to greater impact

With the Covid-19 pandemic at its peak, the waste generated is massive and since public health is a priority now, no government or organizations have been able to regulate or manage the waste being generated. But this would soon prove to be a major issue to which no country will be spared and the sooner we realize it the better, for the changes once done cannot be undone and we would be left with unavoidable sufferings for a lifetime.

Simple steps like switching to greener, eco-friendly products which do not harm the environment or prove to be hazardous in any possible way is the need of the hour, avoiding any kinds of pollutants causing elements from entering the environment is all we can do at the moment. The risen temperatures or sea levels cant be undone but we sure can make sure that these harmful changes are slowed down up to the point where they don’t exist anymore. For we’ve got no other place to go, except our earth!

Contributed by Rohan Khimavat content writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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