Why LGBTQ+ history and civics is required in school curriculum?

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The lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer community (LQBTQ+) is a vital part of history for a multitude of reasons, and it has been left out of the classroom for a long time. Children, especially in India, are severely uneducated about this topic, and with the majority of parents being orthodox, they are also misinformed.

The first and foremost thing the curriculum should include is to crush the stigmas and biases and create a positive representation of the community. Teenagers are influenced by the content they watch and the people around them, and quite often, they get the wrong idea. They must understand that sexual identity is a personal and natural thing, and it’s not taboo.

The teacher should touch upon the various aspects of the subject, both comfortable and uncomfortable. They must create a healthy and safe class environment so that everyone feels valued and share their thoughts. They should teach their students to respect everything about the community, whether they’re part of it or not. Homophobic slurs, bullying, or harassment of any kind shouldn’t be ignored or tolerated and must turn into a teaching moment.

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It’s equally crucial for the parents of the students to receive the same education. They should be encouraged to have a respectful dialogue amongst themselves and talk to their kids about it too. Once home becomes a safe environment to share and converse, talking about these topics will become familiar and routine.

The history of the LQBTQ+ community is vital to be inclusive in the syllabus. The best way to learn and feel relaxed with yourself is to correlate with others’ experiences back to themselves. Students’ ability to empathize, collaborate, and connect with a diverse group of peers which is an essential skill in today’s multicultural world.

Few states in the USA have implemented the LGBTQ+ history into their curriculum, and India should do it too. The inclusion of this topic in the syllabus will help a lot of youth find their way before harming themselves or be prone to bullying. Acceptance of the community is a fundamental right, and children must be taught about this from a young age before it’s too late.

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