Why is the world so keen on the moon

We all know about the moon since childhood, wither through folktales and fairytales or as a scientific discovery. But what’s with all the buzz about exploring the moon and why are all countries spending millions of dollars for the same?

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Moon exploration started in 1959 when a space probe, Luna 2, launched by the Soviet Union created a large impact on the moon’s surface. Apollo Program by NASA is the only successful visit to the moon six times, and the first landing took place in 1969.

Conspiracy theories often gather people’s attention and are considered to the base of any big project. On a similar basis, many moon landing conspiracy theories have also been claimed that is much related to the Apollo Program. According to a report, it is claimed that the six crewed landings are portrayed wrongly to the audience and that the Apollo astronauts never actually walked on the moon. This is only one of the examples of a conspiracy theory, there are many more listed which can be true to false depending upon people and situation.

According to a recent study, tardigrades, microscopic creatures from Earth, revealed that we have high chances of survival on the moon. They are stored in ‘Lunar Library’, some nano-technological devices. Not yet confirmed that they can survive on land as well as on water. Also, life on the moon entirely depends upon how the moon’s gritty dust is used.

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” was Neil Armstrong’s words after the moon landing. While countries spend thousands of dollars on research as to whether one could survive on the moon, many questions if this is Plan B to the destruction caused to earth.

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