Why feminism and not humanism?

“If feminism can mean everything, it means nothing”

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Feminism movement unfolded in western parts. India being the center of copying the so-called “feminist movement “ (Mee too movement) did tremble the system for worse. India, the country having most of its population in the marginalized society. According to statistical data, around 20% of the marginalized society are Dalits and 50–70% are manual laborers. Around 30℅ of the whole population was affected by the western feminist movement hence the maximum part of society was detached from the so-called “equal rights”.In the year 2007–2017, when the feminist movement was gaining its support in India, this was the time, the rape cases of Dalits were creased.

Me too movement not only gave rise to the feminist movement in India but also gave rise to the western culture of being a ‘feminist’.

After the independence finally in 1947, by 1970, Dalit women boycotted and even fought for their rights in a long run to combat PATRIARCHY and the biggest drawback was only the lifestyle of the high-class women, which led the Dalits to be in the dark side of the feminism which was carried hidden.

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Nowadays, if women are empowered with reservation in army post then it is distorted as (long live feminism) but at the same time when the army fulfilling people, rape the women then it is kept hidden so as to maintain the so-called national values. The similar case was “The kunan poshpara case, a mass rape that occurred on February 23, 1991, by the units of the Indian security forces after being fired upon by militants. The government determined that the evidence was not sufficient and issued a statement condemning the allegations as “ TERRORIST PROPAGANDA”.

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I assert that the Criminal persists a criminal whether it is a person from the ‘elite society’ or from the ‘marginalized society’.

We need to enforce existing laws that were passed to deal with Indian realities rather than relying on the criminal justice system based on a colonial skyscraper.

Counterfeit cases of domestic violence, sexual harassment in workplaces, dowry, breach of modesty of women(when the modesty of women is not being defined by the court itself) are increasing day by day.

For eg:

Rohtak sister case

Manjeet Singh v/s state of Delhi

Dhananjay Chatterjee case etc.

We do need criminal laws and there is a place for it in our society but we need to ensure that criminal laws are ‘Rational’, ‘reasonable’, ‘ respond proportionality’ to the harm caused, and above all that they are implemented.

There are some pseudo feminists who would whistle on movies like“Kuch Kuch Hota hai” etc even when endorsing misogyny. These are the same pseudo feminists who would deliberately resist the slaps of the heroine in the movie “Kabir Singh” but would go against the slaps of the protagonist. Well, this is the power of women. Nowadays people lend an example of a Hindu goddess to teach feminism and that too in the 21st century. Now people have a principle less, ethnic less, full of ego.

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Just like neither right using government is good not left using .we have to pertain same here too where anti-feminism and pro-feminism are two ends because the only way to end pseudo feminism and ascertain equality with 50–50 partnership of both anti-feminist and pro-feminist.

In a country like India, where the Implementation of criminal laws is needy and women, we need to then assess exactly how these laws are being implemented and what differences are required to make in the crime reporting process to attain the essential information.

We are not man-haters, neither women lovers, as men are having a part in the society, we too want another half of the society. Men and women should be allies.

“Not only will I stare, but I also want my look to change the reality”.

Contributed By- Urvashi Kori, Content Writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

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