Why does negativity sell on Indian TV?

No surprise why people start gathering in a place where two individuals get themselves into a fight or a verbal spat due to any reason, and instead of stopping it, the crowd starts taking videos and shares it on social media which gathers a lot of attention. People tend to enjoy things like these they’re captivated in listening to the bad about someone, to give their opinions on what they did or what happened to them, and what should’ve been done or should be done further. These opinions and personal theories work wonders in spreading the word of mouth and makes it the “hot topic” in no time. News channels have figured out this formula about what the Indian audience would like to see on their TV screens.

Photo by Heather M. Edwards on Unsplash

Often we get into discussions on News channels airing about topics that aren’t as “newsworthy” as compared to other serious issues going on in our country. Important news topics that people need to see are getting overshadowed by these so-called “hot topics” because this is what sells and which is why all the news channels keep screening similar kinds of stories as they know this content is going to bring them TRP.

TV shows following the same pattern aren’t much of a surprise either. No wonder why the toxic plots of serials are more discussed than Ted Talks in Indian Households. Not every audience is like that and not every show is like that either, but the number of good shows and the corresponding audience count far lesser than the former. Many shows have adapted this subject that simply revolves around a weak plot which turns into an argument between two people and slowly into an abusive blabber.

Paulo Coelho in one of his books has mentioned that there is a sadist in each one of us, we as humans see negativity, disaster, and hate and enjoy it, now this behavior is conditioned by media for decades, while the audience is turning towards better content, hate still sells.

Contributed by Varun Modi content writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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