Mitti Ke Rang always presents us with a topic, which needs to be heard. It is in some way or the other related to our daily lives and experiences. These absorbing podcasts are for everyone to listen to and understand what we’re trying to convey. In this session, we were in conversation with Dhruvam Thaker, founder of “The SMART Taxi”.

He started this entire journey of The smart taxi in 2016 with just one cab, having him as the driver. Today, they’re accessible in 25 cities across India and have more than 600 cars and drivers under then.

As he rightly said, he was driven by passion. This sheer passion led him to create The smart taxi. His only belief when he started, was not just to create a business or a start-up or do it for fame or money. All of these are just secondary.

Back in the days, when his corporate jobs needed him to travel by cabs, that is when he realized he needs to come up with an idea of cabs that won’t have any difficulties and be beneficial to all.

From having zero customers for the first three months, zero support from people, financial issues, The smart taxi has seen it all. At a time when companies like Uber and ola were ruling the entire market, the concept of The smart taxi and to launch something like this, was indeed a great accomplishment in itself. Their idea was to have a no discount policy and have the best possible fixed price and providing its customers with the most lavish of treatments with their personalized touch. The first and foremost goal for them is to provide their customers with a service that they do not mind investing in.

The smart taxi purely went ahead with word of mouth and invested zero in social media promotions which in turn got them a lot of businesses. It won’t be wrong to say that their only goal was and is to win their customer’s heart and they have surely done that! Their motto was only to create value and the rest will automatically follow.

Being fully aware of the concept and idea and having clarity for everything made him design the entire customer survey on his own. Needless to say, the response was I indeed encouraging!

The stronger your market research the better it will be for you in the future.

Writing his resignation letter at 4 AM and sending it and finally quitting his high paying job at an MNC was the first stepping stone towards this. Years into this business, there’s not a single decision which Mr. Dhruvam Thaker regrets.

Now that everything has taken a drastic shift, their concern has now shifted to hygiene and providing a class apart service. Adapting to new norms and changes is what pushed them ahead. They’re expanding quickly with quick and flexible changes.

He also goes on to educate young budding entrepreneurs with qualities they must possess to survive. Making the most of what you’ve had in the given moment is what matters the most and going ahead in our chosen fields. Being persistent will pay off.

Having a strong commitment, an action plan, the ability to adapt to changing norms, and having a strong sense of belief were the pillars of the now successful The SMART Taxi.

Contributed By- Karishmaa Kumar, Content Writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

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