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The advancement of technology has led to us living in a fast-moving world where every person needs almost everything instantly. In this era of technology, computers are one of the most essential and useful inventions which has made the lives of humans far better and more advanced. Computers have become very important nowadays as it very accurate, fast and can accomplish tasks very easily. These have created a very effective information system to help streamline the management of an organization.

With the incoming of technology, where almost everything is digitalized, there is a huge need for all the classes of society to have basic computer literacy. By computer literacy, we mean that one should learn the common concepts related to working of a computer, gain the basic knowledge of computer operation and have a commanding knowledge of common application programs such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Notepad.

Computers have taken over our lives, which includes that at workplaces too where a person finds employment, there is a good chance that a computer will be the basic tool which will be used. One just needs to know some basics, how to save and open a file, how to use a word processing program, and how to send and receive an email. It means having some sort of level of comfort working around computers rather than a look of fear and a feeling of foreboding. Their increasing utility has made computer literacy the need of the day.

A small group of people in our society have left computer literacy unseen, as they think that is it not necessary for them for their day to day lives. But in the present scenario, with everything being computerized, from banks to retail shops, we see the use of computers everywhere. Computers serve as efficient means for the management of information. The bills in the retail shops, general stores, medicos, restaurants are all computer-generated. The data storage at schools, colleges, hospitals, hotels is done using the excel sheets which are computerized and are more organized and easier to maintain and look up to whenever we need.

With such a vast usage of computers, it has become necessary for every person to have good knowledge to use a computer system. As time is passing, technology is increasing. To keep up the pace in this fast life, computer education is extremely important.

Contributed by Soujanya, Content Writer at Mitti Ke Rang.

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