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Mitti Ke Rang
2 min readSep 15, 2020

A discussion on any Cooking show has always proved to be a great conversation starter. It is one of the few categories of TV show that almost everyone irrespective of age and gender enjoys. People who watch Cooking shows do so for a variety of reasons, some want to learn how to cook, others are there to enjoy the food even on a TV Screen and yet others are there for the art. A person having good imagination can even taste the food as they explain the process of cooking and the use of ingredients so well. This all does not state that food lovers are the same as cooking lovers but as stated earlier cooking shows are there to fit everyone’s appetite.

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Cooking shows are a platform for people who want to learn cooking as they are very informative about the entire cooking process of each dish and through them, you can learn about all the different types of cuisine present in the world. Not only this but cooking shows also create a chance for people who don’t cook but are think of starting maybe in the near or even far future to get the required motivation.

Now imagine you have had a long and exhausting day and you are completely drained but you still want some sort of entertainment, so in this situation, you can’t go to a show with too much drama, complex relationships, too many climaxes, or too much action, in that case cooking shows are your best go-to options as they are light and cheerful and can take away a heavy day out of you head with ease as you don’t have to wrap you head around too much complex contain and stuff.

Cooking shows have paved the way for a lot of people into the venture of cooking and pursue it as a career. It destigmatized cooking as just another household chore. It made cooking an art. The Masterchef franchise is the most popular of all cooking shows and it is a part of the cult now.

Cooking is therapeutic not just to the one cooking but also to the one eating and most importantly to the one watching.

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