What is going on with the Farmers’ Protest?

2 out of 3 Agriculture bills declared recently haven't been well received by the farmers. From early October, farmers commenced their protest against these bills but, the government was in no mood to hear them out. Farmers since then have renewed their way of protesting. Before the new law, farmers had no other option than to sell their products to the government-operated market. There are factors like a broker, dismissal of the unit, low price, only a few sellers allowed to sell. Momentarily, as per the new law, farmers are free to sell their goods to anyone they want, and they have to sign the contract before selling for the betterment of the farmers.

Photo by Shelley Pauls on Unsplash

Now, the farmers of the country’s affluent agricultural communities are united as one and demurring with diverse methods. They have blocked the roads, sat on a hunger strike, created and shouting bizarre slogans against the bill and the government jammed the several interstate borders and protesting on the national highway. They are even against the ongoing work of construction by various industrialists in their state. The new law will affect the farmer who has an extensive portion of land and also work as a middleman between the modest farmers and the retailers. There are genuine
farmers too in this protest who are afraid of lower MSP and a lower rate for their production, corporates who will take over contract farming, and competition between the farmers for selling their products at a higher price with other sellers.

From the government side, there should be a detailed explanation of this new bill with every little information. The government should publish the whole elucidation in every newspaper or broadcast it on the news channel, radio to reach out to every single farmer in the country and also to make farmers understand that the government is taking every step for their betterment.

Let’s wish this all settles down promptly without any violence.

Contributed by Mahrshi Dixit Content writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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