What if the Heart has its own mind?

Have you thought of having an actual mind in your heart!! It may or may not be feasible in the real world, but in the world of imagination, everything is expedient. Let’s not discuss the medical terms of the heart’s functionality and connection with the mind. Just presume to have a mind in your heart.

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The heart is liable for the emotions in the human body and these emotions are
propitious for bonding between humans. Emotions are not only used for making decisions but also used for giving someone moral support, reassurance, to express our view on something, to agree or disagree with judgments and etcetera.

If we consider giving someone sympathy, support, to express our views and to give our opinion on something, then in this kind of situation we give our best emotionally and sometimes financially too. But in most cases, these are one-time occurring situations and we give our best for this kind of circumstances. But while making a decision if we did not regard the pros and cons and we make decisions based on emotions then we have to be prepared for the consequences of our decision.

Decisions that have been made through the emotional attachment or the personal feeling attached with the people are tendentious nowadays. If we analyze the decisions made through emotional attachments, then in most of the cases either there is an enormous loss or disputes among the people.
According to a survey, 21% of people taking their decision from their heart, and 79% of people used their mind. From 21%, almost 70% of decisions are proved wrong, and they have to bear the consequences. From 79% of people on an average 80–85% of decisions are correct. We can see the difference between the people who uses their mind or heart while taking a decision.
In addition, some people have mastered creating and making people believe in their illusory truth and play with the emotions of normal people. That is the reason that most people think twice while making their decisions based on emotions as they were been cheated earlier or did not want to be a part of the reiteration effect trap.

In January 2020, the worldwide spending on robotics systems is roughly 128.7 billion dollars. Difference between human and robots are the emotions and, as we all know, the heart plays a significant role in our emotional experience. But if the heart has its mind then there will be no emotions and no difference between humans and robots and eventually, we will be saving more than 128.7 billion dollars per year.
Although this is a metaphorical situation, in reality, we are moving towards an era of “ HUMANMACHINES “, either believe or not.

Contributed by Mahrshi Dixit Content writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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