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Everyone procrastinates at some point or the other. It can be because of a lot of reasons. While it may seem like a good decision then, we all end up regretting later. This may lead to a series of backlog and unwanted stress and pressure.

To avoid this unnecessary baggage, there are ways by which we can deal with this habit and overcome procrastination. It’s up to us to decide which way suits us the most and brings the best possible outcome out of us.

Here are a few ways which can be beneficial.

Impossible is nothing

One of the biggest reasons that why people procrastinate is because they make a huge deal out of a small task or work. It then brings in a lot of unwanted stress that will lead you to procrastinate that task again and again because you might end up feeling that this is “unbearable” and “impossible”. So we need to have a clear understanding of the task and go ahead with a clear perspective. That task might not be your favorite one but it isn’t impossible or unbearable.

Break the task

A lot of people keep delaying it because the workload might be big it might require a lot of your time and energy. So the best and the most feasible way to deal with this is to break your work into small achievable segments and then go for it one by one. The key is to start small. Gradually when the first task is completed, the ones to follow will seem easier.

Learn to manage your environment

It’s quite obvious that a lot of us will get distracted when we see temptations around us. So the only way out is to systematically manage your environment and set some time aside to fulfill your temptations so you’re not isolating your self too. This way you will be able to concentrate completely on task, get it done, and then reward yourself by satisfying those temptations. Learn to make the environment work in your favor.

Kill it with kindness

The more you think about your past procrastination the more you’re gonna punish yourself. The best way is to be kind and stop punishing yourself continuously and look forward to future endeavors with a fresh mind and perspective. So be kind to yourself because if you don’t then who will?

Self-talk goes a long way

If you sit and wait for others to come and give you a talk on how you can achieve things and be disciplined in your actions then let me burst that bubble for you because that’s not gonna happen. You have to take the lead and motivate yourself to achieve whatever you set your eyes on. Be your biggest cheerleader!

Contributed By- Karishmaa Kumar, Content Writer@ Mitti Ke Rang

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