Ways to help the laborers who couldn't go home due to lockdown.

Today, until and unless you are living under a rock, you will know the plight of migrant workers that are stuck in urban population centers, desperately trying to go back to their homes on foot since the day lockdown began. Their suffering has been shared everywhere on Social Media where laborers are in tears because of the actions of the Government and also because of the current situation. The migrant laborers are coming from underdeveloped rural areas in the metro cities in search of work and going back to their villages once either the contract is over or if there is harvest season back in their hometown.

The problem of Labor migrations is not a new one; this is very prevalent in the past times also because of lack of opportunities there has been migration from the rural town of southern India to major agriculture spots during the harvest season and coming to northern India during the offseason. This cycle exists because of a lack of employment in the rural part of India; also, it is present throughout India. Additionally, laborers don’t have in hand cash with them; whatever they earned is sent back to their homes because of COVID-19 fault lines are now visible, and the situation is exacerbated.

Now, their future is quite uncertain because of two primary reasons

  1. Lack of employment in rural areas and because of the lockdown, the contract workers and other modes of earning are limited to none, forcing them to live frugally.

2. Although there are trains and buses arranged for the workers to go back to their homes, internal corruption and bureaucracy are further hindering the whole process.

Role of local communities in helping the laborers

Desperate times such as when Government and Markets have failed, it is the responsibility of the community to come together and support the countrymen in distress. This is the time where the citizens need to step up and donate the food to the homeless person staying near their locality while following social distancing measures. Additionally, If there is a low-skilled worker that is aiding them in any of their chores, it is the responsibility of the community to make sure to pay him extra for providing them a service in such difficult times. Also, Donate to organizations and fundraisers that are organized by NGOs that directly provide support to the citizens in need.

Contributed By- Vinay Hooda, content writer @Mitti Ke Rang

At Mitti Ke Rang, we started with a COVID-19 community support fundraising, as an emergency response to provide a safety net to families. This will help them survive in the lockdown period. We aim to directly support these families by providing a minimum wage, through transferring the same into their accounts or partner with local NGO, Organisation, Fellow or a Volunteer, and support them with groceries.

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