Use AI for combating coronavirus

In an outbreak similar to COVID-19, technology, artificial intelligence, and data science have become vital in helping society effectively deal with the pandemic.

1. Identifying, Forecasting, and tracking outbreaks using AI.

The better we can track the coronavirus, the better we can fight it. AI can learn to detect an outbreak by analysis of news reports, government documents, and social media platforms.

2. AI to help diagnose the virus

The clinical operations of healthcare systems are dealing with the surge of patients. A blockchain network offered by Ant Financial helps speed up claims processing and reduces the amount of face-to-face interaction between patients and hospital staff.

3. Drones deliver medical supplies

The safest and fastest way to get medical necessities where they need to go during a disease outbreak is with drone delivery. Terra Drone is using its robotic aerial vehicles to transport medical samples and necessities with minimal risk of an outbreak. Drones also are used to patrol public spaces, help enforce quarantine measures, and for thermal imaging.

4. Develop drugs

Google’s DeepMind division used its latest AI tools and its computing power to understand the proteins that might make up the virus, and published the findings to help others develop treatments. BenevolentAI uses AI systems to build drugs that can fight the world’s toughest diseases and is now helping support the efforts to treat coronavirus.

5. Chatbots to share information

WeChat bot helps people access free online health consultation services through it. Chatbots have also been vital communication tools for service providers in the travel and tourism industry to keep travelers updated on the latest travel procedures and disruptions. The US’ Center for Disease Control and Prevention and Microsoft have developed a coronavirus self-checker service to help users self-assess COVID-19 and suggest a course of action.

6. Prediction

Deep learning models can help predict new drugs or treatments that might treat COVID-19. Many institutions are using AI to identify treatments and develop prototype vaccines. DeepMind and many other organizations have used deep learning to predict the structure of proteins associated with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

From predictive care to health testing, many clinicians and hospitals are already using AI to improve day-to-day care. AI has become increasingly efficient and a new wave of investment and research in the wake of the coronavirus crisis could spur even more innovation.

Contributed By- Jyotsna, Content Writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

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