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Mitti Ke Rang always comes up with some interactive sessions and podcasts with topics that directly or indirectly impact our day-to-day lives. In this session, we had a conversation with Varsha Khokhar hosted by Abhishek Kumar.

Varsha is currently working as an associate with Goldman and Sachs and has experience of more than six years in Peg BPM, she has been a part of the IT industry for quite a while, from being a Senior Software Engineer in companies like E&Y and DCS to being a part of recruitment drives for a multi-national conglomerate like Goldman and Sachs. She talked about various instances from childhood that motivated her to strive for more and work at full throttle to achieve her dreams.

She emphasized how the support from family and friends can help in building self-esteem by mentioning anecdotes from her childhood revolving around her mother and how she still for her is a trustworthy cushion to fall back on. Varsha talked about the difference in workplace culture between India and other western countries, here it is more of a time-bounded and pressurizing environment while there the focus is on efficiency in the end product rather than the urgency or quantity as the case seems to be here in India. She even mentioned pay disparity and her belief in the fact that the corporate culture rewards based on skills rather than based on gender, and she spoke from a point of experience that she has been through.

The journey of joining an MNC like Goldman Sachs is the highlight of the podcast, she explains how a networking platform like LinkedIn helped her in bagging a job that is the wish list of almost every IT, marketing, or banking aspirants. She emphasized on an individual being driven by an internal motivation would be thriving to achieve more and for inspiration, one can always look around themselves as there are a plethora of humble beginnings yet successful life stories. Varsha talked about the future of the IT industry to be inlined with the boom of AI and data analytics. She advised youngsters to up their speaking as well as listening skills to ace interviews in ginormous cooperation like Goldman and develop their personality a full 360 degrees and not just confine themselves to the curriculum.

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