Trekking Trends During COVID

The deadly outbreak of Coronavirus has to lead to a lot of unwelcome changes to the world. With the lockdown going on for several months now, we have lost the luxury of enjoying the outdoors.

Even though this has been a boon for nature to recuperate from the damaging influences of mankind, certain jobs, and lifestyles that depend on the open mountains like Trekking and mountaineering which have taken a hit for the worse during this crisis.

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Hiking During Lockdown

Trekking in the times of COVID is tricky but definitely possible. Trekking in the traditional sense, as in going in large groups or adventuring is not advised as to its a hotbed for infection. But in tough times like these, people can embark on solo treks. It’s a great way to escape from the monotony of the daily routine and catch a break from the chaos around the world.

This is easily achievable if one follows these 5 simple rules:-

  • Hike/ trek alone in small groups.
  • Avoid contact with other hikers.
  • Don’t take unimportant risks.
  • Stay local.
  • Wear appropriate apparel (Masks, gloves, etc)

Economic Crisis

The mountaineering industry suffered a substantial financial loss as the pandemic occurred during the peak trekking season in India (March — June). As many small-time and large tourism businesses solely depend on cash flow to keep things going, they are struggling to stay afloat due to nationwide panic and travel restrictions. Even though there is no official government-mandated lockdown imposed on the country, fear in the general public and lack of capital set back many hiking companies like IndiaHike and Thrillophilia.

For the whole industry to resume back to full force, the main factor is the reinstation of the air travel to full force so that tourists around the world to come and experience the mountains. More importantly, the virus must be contained to at least 250 cases per day so that the public won’t panic and bail on their vacations or trips.

Post-COVID Lockdown

Many hiking companies are planning to open the main routes like Bali Pass and Kedartal by the Month of September contingent on the fact that the number of cases will go down.

Mountaineering institutes such as Nehru Institute of Mountaineering and Himalayan Mountaineering Institute who have faced difficulties with online teaching and implementation can finally resume their academic programs.

Even though the COVID cases in India are rising exponentially, companies are trying hard to help the mountaineer lifestyle and revive the trekking industry while simultaneously finding ways to enjoy the beauty of nature without compromising the safety of one’s health.

Contributed By- Shivananda Lanka, Content Writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

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