From the ages, we have seen our women fighting for their rights. Feminism simply means the one who supports women for their basic rights of equality.

While struggling for the same with the strong support of feminists here the toxic femininity drops in the basket. Toxic femininity is nothing new but a rising topic in today’s world and is about defining womanhood so that a woman feels de-gendered or low by basic human acts. Throughout this feminists supported them to grow and live their rights like any other human being.

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Nowadays, we see women working, earning on their own and it is appreciated. And it’s well observed that people with oldfangled mentality are ready to discourage them which adds up a level in feminism which initially can’t lead to equality.

Even if we take an example of mothers, we have seen mothers who have refused many opportunities and advancement as well as education. Just to look after the family and this can’t be counted in feebleness or helplessness because they had opportunities and were efficient enough to grab them. But they dismissed, for the sake of something that they had to prioritize first over that time.

They believe that they have reached the core of something which was out of the women of the old generation and it pricks in their eyes.

This leads to the saying that “Women are women’s worst enemy”.

Here comes the point where women being overly critical of other women. Feebleness can be observed in both the genders whether male or female. But it is widely accepted when it comes to women.

Women do judge other women based on their own stories. Whereas, not every woman out there, have the same story for the same glory. They must be having some or other reasons for whatever they are being judged for. Some of them never had thought of lifting themselves, but putting each other down gives them the same feel as if they have added some values to their presence, which is toxic femininity. another example is the point that makeup is practically baseline expectations for women is ridiculous. Makeup for women ought to be suited for men. This is not socially accepted.

At this point what I would like to say is if you feel you are different from most of the women means you’re better. But simultaneously I don’t mean being more feminine would make you least unique. Everyone out there is unique and has their glory by following their ways. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t special if they aren’t following the trends.

In this era of women appreciation, sometimes, women use the gender card and try to get the promotion or appreciation for the same work done by a man as well, though this is happening in a very marginal number, this isn’t something that can be ignored.

The endpoint is that women are the ones who judge, push, nag, and ridicule their clan, sometimes because of the years of conditioning, or media telling that’s how women should be, or yet other times plainly because they are toxic. Feminism strives at equality for all genders as the result.

Contributed by Anagha Mule Content writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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