Top Sustainable products producing social ventures around the world

Sustainability has become a way of life for many of today’s consumers. They make an effort to buy greener, healthier, and more sustainable products from greener companies.

Think about it — all products purchased have health, environmental and social impacts.

Eco-friendly and sustainable are often used as if they’re interchangeable terms. Eco-friendly or environment friendly is the narrowest of the terms, and can be used to define any product claiming minimal or no harm to ecosystems and the environment. When it comes to the environmental part of the definition, sustainable products include all, but there’s much more to a sustainable product…

Then, what exactly do you call a sustainable product?. “Sustainable products are those products that provide environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting public health and environment over their whole life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials until the final disposal”. It should be long-lasting and contribute to dealing with socio-ecological problems on a global level i.e, to be eco-friendly, green, and fair trade.

The list of some sustainable products are mentioned below -

Final straw: provides users with a guilt-free way to sip their drinks with a reusable metallic straw that folds up and can be stored on a keychain.

T6 smart thermostat: The device, which is linked to the web, automatically adjusts the temperature when you’re away from the house to reduce energy use, and adjusts right back to the preferred temperature when you’re about to return.

Fused footwear: made of thermoplastic elastomer, are skin-friendly and do not pick up odors or dirt. They are also waterproof and boast high abrasion resistance and good grip.

Kindle (digital books): replacing all printed materials with one Kindle has a less environmental impact because the energy needed to create the Kindle is less than the energy needed to produce thousands of paper pages. Printed books result in the emission of almost four times the amount of greenhouse gases.

Foam slippers,

Electric vehicles, etc.

To help the world become a sustainable place and bring these products into use, many social ventures have been producing sustainable products. Few of which are listed below:

Heed Capital — co-founded by Anna Tische and Alexandra Johnson with a mission to tackle the world’s biggest challenges in a smart and sustainable way. The major focus being Profit+People+Planet considering social and environmental impact.

Mamachic — founded by Angela Tsai with a mission of producing soft, versatile, and eco-friendly sustainable products for new mothers.

The Simply Co. — is a company founded by Lauren Singer that produces sustainable non-toxic cleaning products that are manufactured in reusable mason jars to reduce waste.

Plaine Products — founded by sisters Lindsey and Alison Delaplaine, Plaine Products is on a mission to reduce the staggering amount of plastic waste in the world. They’ve developed a business that supplies everyday essentials like shampoo and body wash in refillable, recyclable aluminum bottles.

There are a lot of different denominations and certifications for products that aim to reduce environmental impact and contribute to the goal of a fair society. Sustainable products from both an environmental and social perspective, are not common but they’re becoming less rare and they’re what we want all products to become one day. In the meantime, we support green, eco-friendly, fair trade products because they bring us one step closer to an ideal sustainable world.

Contributed By- Umme- Aiman Rampurwala, Content Writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

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