Top international and Indian podcasts worth listening to

The podcast is a blend of “iPod” and “broadcast” which was conceived by Apple. Globally, there are more than 6 lakh podcasts. Podcast market size is on a leap of becoming a new sensation among us. According to Global Statistics, US podcast market size in 2017 was $314mn and in China 2018, it was $7.3bn.

In India, podcasting might be new, but as a format or notion, the podcast is not fresh to India. From listening to numerous radio stations to listening to ‘Mann ki batt’ by our honorable prime minister Narendra Modi, all come under the sector of the podcast.

Audio streaming (podcast)is thriving in India like never before. In fact, Indians are so eager for audio content, that they are using the world’s biggest video streaming site(youtube) to just listen to music.

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Below is the best list of podcasts that are worth listening to under different genres.


  • Believed by Michigan radio- The most significant podcast, though there would be challenges listening to this, as the story unravels it shows the leverage of listening and reckoning in your own family.
  • Bear Brook- The combo pack story that’s heartwarming, heartbreaking, sometimes even is the story of a serial killer who ditched the corpses of a woman and three children in a bear brook state. The story has it’s own twists and turns.
  • Criminal- The podcast is exemplary-elegant, dynamic, witty. The show is sharply edited. It suffers from none of the bagginess that plagues many newcomers to the true-crime genres.


  • The comedian’s comedy- It is a comical podcast in which Stuart Goldsmith(host) interviews comics from the UK and abroad. It pertains to both natural techniques and subjective complications for a comedian. Never artificial or forced.A genuine pleasure to listen.
  • How did this get made?- A podcast worth listening to, for all those people who cherish decent humor. It has an enormous harmony of hosts with diverse impressions and temperaments.
  • The Joe Rogan- The most distinct, crazy, considerate, and rousing podcast which is in a way enlightening and entertaining also.


  • The Dollop- A jovial way to learn about remarkable history. Often really enlightening. If you were quite a letdown in your history class, then it is worth giving a shot.
  • LORE- It is a weekly podcast about authentic existence scary tales that dive into the mythology, civic legends, and incredible cords that inhabit our history books and permeate our natural and urban landscapes.
  • History on fire- Outstanding podcast that stirs deep information, decent storytelling, and a good portion of humor. Even if history is not your suitcase, still you can pack your clothes in this.


  • School of greatness- An educational and tickling podcast that enables people in discovering that greatness which everyone has within us. It wraps many areas aspiring your prestige and has good sources for always learning something new.
  • The peripheral- It is a podcast that assembles unique stories from listeners about issues most consider taboo or humiliating. Every episode has a new theme and discloses darkest cringe-worthy instants in his or her life, that every person in this world should know.
  • The grief cast- A surprisingly crazy podcast, talking about death and grief. A really helpful podcast to move onto our grief in our lives.



  • Dakaar and The taste of India-Podcasts directed on quick and delicious Indian recipes flavored with Indian uniqueness.


  • Musafir- Documentary podcast on Indian travel tales; shares the journey of travelers.


  • Audiogyan- Babbling podcast for people interested in art, design, and philosophy.


  • The Indian startup show- Best for the Indian startup entrepreneurs, hosted by Neil Patel.
  • Cyrus says- Podcast on life in urban India, politics, sports, civic sense, traffic, kids, food, and everything that matters.

Contributed By- Urvashi Kori, Content Writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

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