Top conferences for women entrepreneurs

Although the notion of gender equality has been declared for years, women across the globe still face challenges when it comes to pay scale and leadership roles. This, in turn, impacts their performance and their opportunity to advance in the field. Thus emerged the concept of women conferences which not only provide an opportunity for women across the globe to connect among themselves but also empower them along with advancing their skills and approach to their profession. Research has even proven that attending such conferences almost doubled the working efficiency of women employees and thus, creating opportunities for promotions at the workplace.

Here are the top listed women conferences across the world:

1. Watermark Conference for Women

Held in California, it is sponsored by industries like Dell, Target, and Alaskan Airlines. It provides motivation, empowerment, innovation, professional training, and opportunities for building connections worldwide.

2. WECode 2020

A life-changing conference for women engineers, it aims at enhancing the proficiency and connections of women in technology. Held at Harvard, it also avails scholarship offers along with on-campus housing choices.

3. Women in Tech Summit

The event is directed towards encouraging, networking, and instructing women in tech, which is definitely a golden opportunity for tech industry women as it’s a dynamic assembly of chance for connecting instructional sessions, and industrial leaders.

4. Forbes Women Summit

A must catch up the event, it involves speakers from well-established industries as well as celebrities for swapping ideas related to being an entrepreneur, networking, leadership, upheaval, future of the industry, social impacts, and many more.

5. Mobilize Women

Currently, in its fourth year, it is directed towards gathering leaders from across the globe for considering the pressing issues prevailing across the world.

6. National Women’s Business Conference

It is pioneered by women business owners and the topic decided for the 2020 session is “Brave Is”. It aims at aiding women to understand what bravery means to them and further evolving themselves as business owners.

7. Women in Travel Summit

It targets the women from the Travel industry and collects worldwide innovators and leaders to collaborate, enroll, and make alterations in the traveling industry across the globe.

8. TED Women

The event entails workshops, parties, dinners, and TED talks which highlight women empowerment and their role in shaping and altering the nations across the world.

9. #Blog Her 20 Health

It’s a gathering of content-generating women worldwide facilitating information on the health and wellness industry, motivation, and networking among them along with rising health awareness.

10. NAFE Women’s Leadership Summit

It empowers women across the world by equipping them with opportunities that empower them, boost confidence and tools to enhance their career and make an influence on the industry.

Contributed By- Simran Khurmi, Content writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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