Top applications for online learning

Top applications for today’s online learning are available easily many of them are easy to find and easy to use in today’s interconnected world with the internet. There is an umpteen number of resources that can be accessed easily and free of charge. This includes learning sites that host topics from all the disciplines to the websites which host specialized topics that can be used according to the needs.

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Applications that are used most are:

  • Coursera: This platform can be easily accessed by anyone who has an e-mail and has courses ranging from history to social sciences to learning music to learning a language to understanding engineering. Most sought after site for students and professionals, Coursera is the one site that adds value to the life of any individual with a purpose to learn. It’s a capstone project, and paid services give access to hands-on projects and making users learn through applications.

Sites similar to Coursera are Khan Academy, Lynda, Udemy, Youtube, EDX.

Apart from that, sites that provide textual context and opinions of laymen and experts are websites like Quora, Wikipedia that provides a plethora of topics to research and read on.

  • Topcoder: Sites which have a specialized usage includes sites like this. Here one gets a chance to learn the basics and advanced level topics of programming. Here, By solving problem sets, one gets to not only get an opportunity to upskill but also learn new and advanced concepts of tackling a problem by following discussion threads. This also organizes regional and larger competitions. Along with that, topcoder has been collaborating with organizations like NASA, IBM, and ARPA to solve complex problems faced by them.

Sites like Topcoder are Lumosity (for brain training games), Goodreads(for books), Duolingo(for language learning)

In the current scenario, the importance of online learning is immense, where the schools and universities are shifting towards online teaching. There is a definite shift to the online mode of learning, and it will be useful for anyone who is working from home and is looking for a way to upskill and gain valuable skills and utilize them in their professional career. With the current crisis forcing the habitants to stay at home, it is necessary one should not let go of the process of learning. In today’s age, nothing is better than utilizing online resources to advance one’s skills.

Contributed By- Vinay Hooda, Content Writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

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