Tolerance and Peace warriors

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Warriors are the ones who fight either for the country, the state, the people, or sometimes for themselves too. To become a warrior, you don’t need some special training or some special weapon with you. You need something in your heart that we call “Courage” to stand for that particular thing, to fight for that thing, and then finally win that thing.

These are the qualities of a real warrior. And today we are going to talk about some of these warriors who neither used guns nor missiles to win the battles but they still won and became what we called “Peace and Tolerance Warriors”.

The first person is the famous personality not just in India but all over the world famously known as ‘The Man of peace’ who won the ultimate battle against the British in India with his strategy of ‘Peace’ and ‘Non-Violence’. He made the Indian public raise for the cause of freedom from the hands of colonial power and made the world opinion in favour of the Indian cause, which ultimately forced the enemy to quit the battlefield.

According to him, there is a choice between cowardice and violence, and a person should choose violence between them. But he believes that non-violence is infinitely superior to violence and forgiveness is manlier than punishment.

Women peace warriors from the land of Liberia who leads the way to peace and democracy and also shed the mantle of victimhood. These nobel peace warriors were the example that you can fight even for yourself with weapons like peace. Ms Gbowee, one of three women who won the noble peace prize, led a sex strike in 2002 and refuse to sleep with their husbands until the violence end. The second was Ms Sirleaf, Africa’s first democratically elected woman President, and the third Ms Karman, who at 32 is the youngest person to win the Peace Prize and the first Arab woman to receive a Nobel in any category.

Last but not the least, the Nobel peace prize winner of 2019 is “Abiy Ahmed Ali “ for his contribution towards peace and international cooperation and to resolve the border conflict with neighbouring Eritrea.

These all are some of the peace warriors who we see as a symbol that there are still people in this world who don’t prefer wars, nuclear weapons, and destructive methods.

They have only one powerful weapon that is “peace”.

And we can hope for a better future.

Contributed by Abhay Rawat, Content Writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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