The Undue Responsibilities on Men

There are certain norms established by society over the years that are often referred to as the roots of civilization. The realization of most of these being illogical differences and double standards hits us as we grow up; like if you do not have a job no one will marry you, need stability in your life, or don’t be so weak; men don’t cry. A man is often measured by the amount of money he makes or the amount of dowry he receives.

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Men’s lives are complicated and are shaped by more than their gender identity — race, class, caste, sexuality, religion, and nationality influence how men identify their interests. Being born in low or middle-class families is juggling between family expenditure, never-ending loans, and the struggle to maintain a decent lifestyle. The middle-class battles between finding the government job while even though private jobs sound fancy, the uncertainty of not having a secured future scares them. While men are put pressure to settle down and that simply means getting married, having a house, saving for a future, even if all of this happens sitting in a big pile of debt.

All of the unruly standards of society makes men toss their mental health in the bin.

These undue responsibilities we thrash over our men take a toll on their mental health, many ends up doing graduation just to land in a better paying job forgoing their interest, and yet others can’t pursue certain other professions due to the stigma we associate with it. While men have come a long way in understanding feminism, we as a whole still haven’t understood that we need to give them choices as well. A stay at home dad is ridiculed, a father taking paternity leave is considered as an excuse, men earning lesser than their partners are considered as a prick to masculinity. Let’s share the responsibilities we thrash on them and give them choices too.

Happy men’s day to all the men out there!

Contributed by Akash Verma content writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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