The right and wrong of egg freezing

Egg freezing otherwise called develop oocyte cryopreservation, is a technique used to spare women’s capacity to get pregnant later on. Eggs gathered from the ovaries are solidified unfertilized and put away for some time in the future. A solidified egg can be defrosted, joined with sperm in a lab, and embedded in the uterus (in vitro treatment).

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Egg freezing may be a choice in case one isn’t prepared for pregnancy at a particular point but need to attempt to ensure that one can get pregnant later.

Though it doesn’t need a sperm at the time of freezing, one needs to go through numerous medications so that one can deliver numerous eggs at the point of freezing along with automated ovulations.

Women can think of egg freezing as an option if one has a condition or situation that can influence the fruitfulness. If any ongoing therapy for malignant growth or another disease like radiation or chemotherapy has the capacity to hurt the richness and may influence the ability to get pregnant. If one is going through in vitro treatment. Or the mere idea of wanting to save the youthful eggs for sometime later, to get pregnant at a later stage in life when one is ready.

While this seems like a feasible idea, there are various risks associated with it as well. Since egg freezing is in collaboration with the utilization of various rich drugs, it can cause certain side effects or other disturbing conditions. The egg recovery methodology is complex and may also fail.

While the concept is still just emerging, it gives women to focus on various other aspects of life and push motherhood a little further. While there are various cultural factors associated with motherhood and to attain the same within a specific age before the biological clock is timed out, this gives women more time. But at the same time motherhood remains a decision of everybody associated with the pregnancy except for the women.

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