The reality of Children’s Reality shows

Reality shows have been a source of entertainment for a long time now, the first-ever show started in 1979, since then the types and genre have seen a variety which also includes reality shows for children. Reality shows have provided a stage for people from all walks of life to unleash their talent. These shows provide a professional platform with mentors and exposure to the performance world.

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But there are 2 sides to each story, in a stressful and competitive world like ours reality shows let people go through this situation on a public platform which adds on a lot of pressure and stress on the participants and this can hamper the mental health of children to a large extent. Above all the long hours of practice and prep work ruins any chance of a normal childhood which is not something anyone would or should appreciate. Childhood is an integral part of growth and development and the personality development of an individual. It does not just affect the kids but also the parents, as there is the added pressure of having to compensate for the child.

Some people now consider these shows as “child labor”. Phycologists and other experts say that these shows are not a healthy concept as children remain under extreme stress and harsh comment from judges at times can be difficult to let go of. Adults are mature and can handle criticism and failure but children can’t do so.

Even though there are various setbacks, reality shows for children do help one in understanding their talent and starting off the career at a very young age, but at what cost is still questionable.

Contributed by Ayush Parmar content writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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