The Power of Imagination

Photo by Marija Zaric on Unsplash

Imagination opens up the door for a different world. It holds such immense power that acts as a catalyst to escape the harshness of reality and merge oneself in a superficial world.

Imagination leads to creativity. It is actually an escape pod to a different world. To be able to imagine makes one innovative and unique from the rest. It is only through imagination that we are able to thrive and grow, bring ourselves adaptable to changes and work for betterment.

To imagine beyond the boundaries set up by societal standards is very important. Imagination actually gives us wings to fly away from the daily hustle of life. The power of imagination is limitless and too strong which helps to break all the shackles that hold us back. Imagination helps us to realize our dream. It opens our eyes to various limitless possibilities. When we talk about imagination being powerful, then it has both positive and negative effects. Reviewing the positive effects, it can be observed how imagination brings us a step closer to our dreams. To be able to imagine is to look into a matter from a different perspective and bring out innovativeness in every possibility.

Imagination is truly powerful and fascinating. All it involves is unlimited intelligent creativity. It can be observed how imagination brings us a step closer to our dreams.

As much as imagination is fascinating, it can be dangerous too. Imagination has limitless power. Too much of anything is bad. Just like that over imagination can lead to obsessiveness. Often young minds divert themselves in happy fantasies where they are heroes in their own imaginative world. It is the only figment of imagination which makes them momentarily satisfied. But at some point, they do have to return to the real world. At that time this harsh reality often becomes the cause of much mental illness and adaptation to the real world becomes a bit difficult.

So, one should have complete control over their thoughts. It is just to minimize the cons of imagination. Imagination itself is a beautiful thing which can bring wonderful results but disastrous at the same time if negative or ill thoughts continues to manifest in one’s mind.

Contributed By- Nayana Nandi, Content Writer at Mitti Ke Rang