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Covid19 interlude has led civilization into lots of tangible and intangible behavioral transformations, her interaction with the environment, her manifestation of creativity, her recreation, sports, etc. It has pushed civilization towards technology. The mobile phone has become mankind’s inescapable companion-the the window shaping outlook of the humanity and the number one entertainment provider be it binge-watching or gaming. The mass penetration of mobile 4G like Reliance Jio has further popularized online gaming sports in the country. Internet data consumption through extremely attentive gaming has become the new currency. India is emerging as a leader in characteristically active e-sports gaming, a growing field that has fascinated the interest of millennials like never before. As a result, otherwise, also, traditional sports are somehow losing their appeal for the younger generation due to inherent costlier training cost, less thrill, age-old game formats, and lengthy tournaments. Fun, excitement & instant gratification are the primary motivators for about 70 percent of users for playing online sports across all age and income groups. The number of online gamers worldwide has increased from 20 million in 2010 to 250 million in 2018, whereas the number of game developing companies has grown from 25 in 2010 to 250 in 2018.

Being online and professional multiplayer and competitive in nature, e-Sports in India is growing in leaps and bounds and the people are taking an interest in building and popularizing leagues be it Football, Kabaddi, Hockey or Badminton, etc. Gaming tournaments are being organized in the major Indian cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Kolkata. With so many tournaments in a year, young aspiring gamers are opting e-sports as a full-time career, and to achieve this professional goal, they need all required hardware, accessories, and devices to succeed in this profession. Recently, Mr. Tirth Mehta from Gujarat has been in news for winning the country’s first-ever e-Sports — a card-based video game tournament called Hearthstone — medal at Asian Games 2018. It may be safe to say that e-Sports gradually coming up as a promising career option in India and has to make its cultural and economic impacts.

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Acer, as the market leader in PC gaming in India, every year organizes Asia’s biggest e-Sports tournament known as the “Acer Predator Gaming League”. Alongside Acer, HyperX has been associated with ESL India Premiership League, which is the biggest tournament for e-Sports in the country. As a result, the Indian digital gaming industry has been growing rapidly with giants like Dream11, Mobile Premier League, Junglee Games having global footprints. Some of the popular titles in the Indian eSports arena include League of Legends, Fortnite, PUBG: Mobile, FIFA 20, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Dot A, among others. Junglee Games has emerged as India’s answer to PUBG. There has been a spurt of e-sports startups, viz. Jet Synthesys, Cobx Gaming, FanMojo, Playtonia and Nodwin Gaming, etc.

The Indian e-sports sector is vastly unstructured yet but growing rapidly. According to the IFSG-KPMG report, currently, India stands at number 17 with the worth of INR 43.8 billion, and the industry is said to reach INR 118.8 billion by FY23 with a growth rate of CAGR 22.1%. The e-sports industry currently needs is establishing e-sports as an investor-friendly industry that requires benevolent policy & favorable ecosystem especially towards gaming startups from the Government of India for harnessing efficiently the estimated potential of e-sports and beyond.

Contributed By- Siddharth Jangid, Content Writer Mitti Ke Rang

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