What is the Coral Triangle?

The Coral Triangle marks its place in the western waters of the Pacific Ocean. It includes Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste, and Solomon Island. It is known for the diverse marine life that lives and grows within the triangle. It is a source of income and food for 120 million people that live around The Coral Triangle. Seventy-five percent of the world’s coral species make this reef their home. There are 600 different species and 2000 different reef fish that make this coral garden their home. It is home to six of the world’s seven spices of Marien turtles. It protects people from storms and calamities. The Amazon is known as ‘’the lungs of the earth’’, The Coral Triangle is developing status as a marine treasure.

What is The Coral Triangle Day?

“Shared Waters, Shared Solution” The Coral Triangle Day is celebrated every on the 9th of June, right after World Ocean Day [8th June]. The six regions of the Asian Pacific holds the Coral triangle as a girdle. The celebration is massive, as the nations around it thrive and grow. They share a deep connection with the sea. The celebration is not just celebrated by these six nations, but also other countries that benefit from it. On this special day, around the Coral Triangle, various activities take place like, beach clean-ups, sustainable seafood dinners and exhibitions, bazaars, and beach parties. This day attracts a massive amount of population for the conservation of marine life.

The coral triangle is under major threat due to poor marine management. Due to economic development, there is coastal development. There is a huge demand for fish, which in turn causes overfishing and destructive ways of fishing, this harms the marine life in many ways than one. There is massive bleaching that takes place in this area, the coral reefs are seriously affected by this. It destroys the homes of numerous rare and threatened species. Studies have shown an alarming decline in the coral. Almost 2.25 million people depend on this marine life for their lively hood. They need the sea to be healthy to survive.

The reason why the people here celebrate The Coral Triangle day is that there is going to be a massive drop in the economy if serious measures are not carried out to protect the marine ecosystem. Growing population and climate change have also threatened the area. Studies show that if actions are not taken regarding climate change, the Coral in the Coral Triangle will disappear by 21000. The method of non-selective fishing gear harms the endangered species and other fish populations. In 2018, on Coral Triangle day they continued focusing on increasing awareness about the impact of plastic on marine life.

The people here gather as a community to raise awareness about their massive marine treasure. Without the waters and the life that grows inside it, the island won’t thrive economically nor culturally. The people and the sea are one. If the marine life grows the people grow with it.

Contributed By- Tehreem Khaku, Content Writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

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