Television Media — Good or Bad

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The uses of television are many but as far as information media is concerned, the TV comes with both its pros and cons.
Through television come all manners of talk-shows, news, documentaries and various forms of advertisement clips. A large number of people is reached daily this way. Political groups make extensive use of this mode of communication to the people. Through the medium of TV, manufacturers are able to reach out to the consumers more effectively. The advertisements clips about different products on TV reach out to people, all vouching how gorgeous their products are. Television is so effective means of transferring information that even criminals and terrorist know their value.
So the news on television is filled with tales of death and destruction, confusion and conflict, sports and games, fame and ill fame.
It provides hours of fun and enjoyment to young and old alike. Regarding the programmes shown on TV, it’s filled with both knowledge enriching shows as well as violence promoting stuff.
The kind of programme one watches depends on people to people. There are so many fake things shown in such a genuine style that it’s only on the TV; those things are possible to see. In real life, nobody can go on fighting with a gunshot wound or knife embedded in his abdomen. Only heroes can do that. People get killed in real life car crashes. Only film heroes escape with minor scratches. Reality has little to do with such shows on TV.
Fortunately, not all television programmes are harmful but there are documentaries and educational programmes worth watching.
So the usefulness of TV as a source of entertainment and recreation is undoubted but the danger lies in the possibility of getting addicted to it. Prolonged watching various sorts of programmes does not do any good for a person. It not only deteriorates one’s vision but also their thinking process.
Used carelessly, TV can reduce us to non-thinking entities. It is entirely up to us how we make use of this wonderful invention. It is we to decide whether to fill our brains with mud about violence or to feed our mind with healthy experiences of people & mesmerizing scenes of nature.

Contributed by Raushni Khatoon, Content Writer at Mitti Ke Rang.

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