Technology and its social effects

Nowadays We all come across the word “Technology” very often, But at the same time, if we try to think about its definition, we may get confused. It is a complex word in itself. But I will define it as “The application of scientific knowledge by which humans transform, progresses and uses the environment to create machines, tools, widgets, and services for their own ease. The word Technology came from the Greek “tekne” which means art or skill and “logos” which means knowledge.

Technology made a huge impact on mankind. In the 21st century, modern technology almost changes the life of a common human being. Our quality of life improved, we started detecting and curing diseases that previously were fatal using medical science and technology. A person living in the Rural of India has access to knowledge he wants through the internet. Wherever we see we are surrounded by technology, let it be shopping through online stores, booking taxis, tickets, and even ordering food online, We can say that Technology is now a necessity of life after food, shelter, and clothes.

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We may not be able to realize it, but the advancement in technology has changed our way of thinking and living. We have cut a large number of trees for areas of land to extract minerals and metals required to manufacture machines and tools. We use chemicals and other harmful materials to meet our requirements which creates problems such as acid rain, climate change, etc. Technology has also changed the concept of war as we started creating machines, tanks, and other lethal weapons such as atomic and nuclear bombs which are a danger to mankind if misused.


Technology plays an important role in today’s society. It has its positive and negative effects on our daily lives. Technological advances like the internet and mobile phones came out as revolutionary inventions and because of their perks, we made our life dependent on them.

There is no doubt that technology has made our life easy. We can talk to each other in seconds no matter how far we are from each other, in the time where life is so fast and families have become conservative and where near and dear are often geographically separated, it is always convenient to stay in touch through technology.

But, as we’re bringing advancement in the field of technologies, it is somewhere affecting us socially and mentally too. According to studies, virtual communication is affecting us in a negative way as it decreases our face to face contact, which affects communication and relations between people. There is less personal time for ourselves as we engage with gadgets, also they prove to be a distraction when we intend to do some work. Lack of sleep is also a major problem that today’s generation is facing due to the amount of time they are contributing to technical gadgets, and all these things impact on how humans act today.

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There is always this debate going on whether the technology proved to be good for mankind or bad. But I’d say that it all depends on the perspective and how you utilize the technology. For example, let’s talk about television. Some researchers say that spending a limited amount on watching programs together strengthens families and friendships, others say that it brings downfalls of social values, they say that it requires little skill and thought and though people are sitting together there is no meaningful interaction while watching.

Technology has the ability to harm our social life as well as enhance it. It’s up to us, and we should analyze whether the technology we’re using helps us to build meaningful, healthy relationships, or does it hinders the process? Does it enhance the mental and emotional state or decrease it? Are we using the technology or is it using us?

Contributed By- Abhishek Bhardwaj, Content Writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

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