SUPER 30 Movie with the community children

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Over 90 kids and 5 interns came together to watch Super 30 arranged by Mitti Ke Rang. A true story about a brilliant mathematician, Anand Kumar, who helps 30 underprivileged students prepare for IIT-JEE exams. The movie resonates the fundamental difference in the access of resources and knowledge available to different communities.

Super 30 is a movie which hit all the right notes. Having the privilege of watching it with the brilliant young kids from Mitti Ke Rang made it all the more special and it also made me wonder. For most of us, watching a movie at the theatre is a casual thing but for these kids, it was a special and exciting new experience. Most of them had never been inside a theatre, let alone a mall and to be able to witness them fill with joy at watching the movie was beyond words.

Education is no doubt the basis of our moralistic and intellectual growth. It is the fundamental path towards our growth as a higher species. Education is a precondition for the betterment of society. It is only an educated individual who can in turn be an accountable member of a country’s development. If every person in every corner of the country had access to education, just imagine how different our world would be. Education is a fundamental right of every person without regard of their ethnic differences. It is important for people to realise the value of education and fight for what is rightfully theirs.

What is great about the movie is that it’s an accurate representation of how education has become a cash cow for coaching institutes. It brushes on the concept of how only the rich have right over educating themselves and reaching for their dreams by the virtue of the privilege they have. The 30 young kids who fight their social conditions to study and follow their dreams are at the very heart of the story.

It is only with the abolishment of discrimination on the basis of caste, gender, economic status and other forced differences can we establish an intellectually superior country that takes pride in the extent of its human resource. The government plays a huge role in this. Though many schemes such as RTE have been implemented throughout the country, their effectiveness has not been of the desired amount. There is much scope within the country for development. It is only with the effectiveness of our educational regimes that we can produce future leaders that will lead the country to greatness.

Written by — -Shreya Siddharth

A social venture dedicated to empowering widows and single women to overcome poverty and dependency.

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