When you were young you would always give in to everything your parents said, in school, it happened with the principal and teachers, and now you just have to submit to everything your bosses tell you, whether you like it or not. And people most definitely obey everything the government does and tells us to do whether it’s right or wrong. This is because deference or submission to our authorities is engrained in almost all societies.

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Submission is often seen as a sign of respect but the two have very different meanings. Submission is a voluntary attitude of giving in and cooperating with authority, you are ready to obey orders and do as a person says. Respect on the other hand is to honor and admire someone for their abilities, qualities, and achievements but it wouldn’t infringe your rights, they would listen to your input on an issue and hold you in good regard. Submitting has NEVER been the proper way to show someone respect. For example, sometimes employees submit to whatever their authorities tell them to do because if they object or question the actions of their bosses it would be seen as disrespectful. But the problem is that managers at every level need their team to add ideas, challenge them, and provide different perspectives. People in positions of authority often lack the visceral and data to provide answers and solutions to every problem. So they need to depend on their subordinates who have more knowledge and are specialized in a particular problem. People feel that the meaning of being a “boss” is to have all the answers and that they should display confidence and provide clear direction and so if they are questioned or contradicted by a subordinate, they feel threatened and fear that they may look weak.

It’s completely fine to be slightly submissive to authority but an overly deferential environment would lead to bad decisions, resentment, rebellion, and frustration. Fighting through a society that has always taught us to be submissive to our authorities can be difficult, but it is very important for the success of an organization. Submission is a byproduct of respect; it’s an honor to serve those you admire.

Contributed by Glynisann Santiago content writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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