Stress Management activities in Lockdown

Stress is mostly known as “the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressure or other types of demand placed on them,” and two months into the Covid-19 crisis, many people are feeling it. To reduce stress and to tackle it, it is necessary to identify the stress triggers by doing self-reflection or by talking with someone, be it your partner, manager, parents, or children. The next step to have better stress management is to adjust your priorities by talking to the manager and splitting workload among the team if there is an excess of workload. To further release the stress, it is advisable to play indoor games with your loved ones and friends.

Some of the games that one could play are

  1. Board games: Board Games were commonly played in your childhood. You cannot forget the childhood classic monopoly, and Ludo, it is time to get back on that nostalgia trip and play Monopoly or Ludo once again with your grandparents, siblings, and parents.

2. Card games: Games like Rummy, and Poker are some of the few card games that family members can play at noon or night after finishing their meal. Card games are something that crosses all the age barriers, and it is something that can be enjoyed by everyone irrespective of age.

3. Dumb Charades: One more game that is a classic and that can bring a lot of fun to any late-night party. A person is not allowed to talk and act out the name of the movie or a series using only gestures, facial expressions, and body language. Not only giving you a nostalgic trip but also helping you find out some new shows or movies that one can add to their watch-list.

4. Chess: Although the restrictive nature of this game allows only 2 players to play at a time it can be frustrating for some time. At the same time, chess is a game that helps you to use your intellect and intelligence to outmaneuver your opponents, and winning the game on pure skill is something that brings joy to many.

Contributed By- Vinay Hooda, Content Writer @Mitti Ke Rang

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