Social media influencers and mental health

Social media is filled with influencers these days, every other account is a blue tick approved account and everyone has something to talk about. The current trend has been over the talk on mental health. Everyone has experienced it or has an opinion on it. People get motivated by someone who has either knowledge or experience rather than those who just pretend. There are several celebrities, artists, and content creators inspiring people through their work and skills. These influencers inspire through their stories, their struggle, or anything that they have gone through and help people go through the same.

Being an influencer is not just about influencing the lives of people or about awareness generation, it has become a lucrative business opportunity as well.

The talk about mental health is equally important, that is an aspect that isn’t talked about much. Today, especially Gen-z has a lot of conversation around mental health. There are many therapists on Instagram known as ‘insta therapist’. As already said, Influencer can influence either by knowledge or by experience. Influencers with experiences are best because they have gone through the same thing, faced those problems already and have gone through that struggle, and encourage people to seek help because no one is alone in the battle.

Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash

Influencers with knowledge are the ones who have first influence themselves from others, by knowing their experiences and modifying them in their own way, they try to influence others. Influencers are needed for almost every person in this world because there comes a stage in everyone’s life when they got tired or depressed, then they need someone to motivate them. You can influence yourself by anyone you are comfortable with. The bad part of it is, there are many influencers who give wrong values to others. Social media is mostly used by the age group 15–29 and the users below the age of 21 even get misled by these influencers.

Influencers are people who, with time have gained knowledge about that particular aspect with time. Today there are various social media influencers who talk about mental health, but the problem arises when they have half baked knowledge which is dangerous than no knowledge. The people mostly believe what they see and what they listen to and this becomes an issue when it isn’t true and also at the same time isn’t appropriate. There are also people who misguide with false information, or with some absurd information, it is difficult to differentiate from the good and bad, it’s also difficult to not differentiate between the right and wrong, because for someone who has some mental health problems, or is slightly affected or triggered by things, may find the internet comforting.

The place any other, there are both good and bad. While it’s comforting to know that there is someone who has gone through something similar and has come out of it, it is equally important to seek professional help when it comes to mental health. A real therapist helps not the insta ones.

While you share and follow content, that isn’t always the absolute truth.

Contributed by Divyanshi garg content writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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