SOCIAL LIFE AND THE ACADEMICS: what’s more important?

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From financial stability to respect in society, any individual with good academic knowledge background can accomplish these. The power of education has been and always will be a great way to live a life without worrying about lacking behind in this rapidly growing technological civilization. Good academic wisdom is not only important but also a necessity for everyone who wants to lead a self-steered, independent, and respectable existence.

However, the hyped-up policy of academic teaching possesses certain aspects that have verified the fact that long hours of studies and assignments put on by academic institutions have not only restricted students from inhibiting a social life but also led to enormous anxiety among the scholars. It generates certain complicated issues for students who deal with this proportion of burden nearly every single day. For some, this may not count as a significant problem but it is unquestionably the cause behind the dying social life and thus the mental condition of a student.

In the race of standing first at each level of academic examination and competition to “ensure” the bright and happy future of their respective ward, parents often compel children to restrain themselves from the outside world, interaction with friends, and social life. Peer and parental pressure have become an ordinary element in society that needs to be rinsed for the betterment of upcoming future generations.

The slope of suicide among students is heightening day by day and this goes without saying that the prominent and cause behind this grave intensifying dilemma is a restriction from social life. Another major reason for this is competitive exams which have become another level of the future deciding parameter as per the people of our generation. Competitive exams are given way much importance; students and aspirants believe that this is the only way to get a life full of contentment and anything other than that is not acceptable. This mentality among aspirants preparing for competitive exams takes them apart from social life and hence the tremendous breakdown of their mental and social health.

No doubt life has indeed become a race where either we’re consciously running or driven by someone else without glancing at the atmosphere, nature, people that are surrounding us. Therefore instead of becoming and taking form into another robot, one should always be familiar with a social life for the betterment of themselves and the society as well. One can fulfil his/her/their dreams without trimming themselves from the social being. Having and strengthening social life gives way to a variety of opportunities and overall growth and development of an individual.

Contributed By- Anushka Rathore, Content Writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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