Social Entrepreneurship: An Emerging Trend

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The definition of “social” directly explains the meaning of entrepreneurship. The term social relates to society or an organisation and by “entrepreneurs” it means individuals or the collection of people who initiate the ideas, business, or an organisation. Social entrepreneurs connect the commerce and the social issues in such a way that it improves the lives of people that are connected to the cause or the ideas of the teams. The social entrepreneurs have a belief that they work for the society without their acquisitiveness, to improve the world and set up an example of leading the situation. By the definition people only comprehend that it only correlates with the money-making or the work by selling or profit-gain mind.

Social Entrepreneurship (SE) as an Emerging Trend:

In this period of sustainable growth, we are at a place taking a lot from our society but we have the same responsibility to give it back. This is only the place where the active youth of our society symbolise social entrepreneurs. Yes, it is an emerging trend because our government, our minister, are also interested in promoting it; not only financially, or by advice but also by licensing. The SE directs global problems such as poverty, unemployment, gender inequality, caste inequality, poor education, healthcare facilities and environmental problems. They create a global problem for the alike thoughts of the people who together work as a “team”. SE is someone who focus to provide innovative solutions to the problems and who has a strong validation to the community or a society.

Whos is a Social Entrepreneur?

  • Not only who solves an issue to a fixed or particular place but who does it on a global perspective.
  • SE does not focus on just providing aid, they work to generate a viable and authentic social transformation
  • whose critical mission is to have a positive impact or to create a model or an activity by using Innovative ideas.

In recent time, SE has gained a lot and as we see the increasing number of entrepreneurs to make a meaningful and positive change in the world.

  • In our country several issues such as poverty, lack of education, poor healthcare facilities, unemployment, lack of sanitation facilities, lack of proper water in rural areas.
  • SE focus to provide house and employment to the homeless, unemployed to work.
  • doing boldly without consideration of resources in the hand.
  • following new opportunities to serve the nation.

Let us see some examples of Social entrepreneurs:

a)Bill Drayton — founder of Ashoka Innovators for the public in 1981, serving social entrepreneurs globally.

b) Shiza Shahid-Global ambassador of Malala fund.The teenager, winner of Nobel peace prize.In 2012, shot by the Taliban for encouraging the education of girls. Then created the Malala Fund, which helps to empower the rights of education to women.

c)Sanjit “Bunker” Roy- a benefit for upbringing India, for those who live for less than $1 per day. Once he visited rural areas, and then try to resolve the problem of social-economic inequality in India.

d)Rachel Braton- also known as “Yoga Girl”. Rachel attempt to connect with teachers who need healing, making a mission that “Social Media could become a social Mission”.

Social entrepreneurs emphasise more on the mission than the profits, to boost our nation and make a meaningful and a positive change. However, to encourage more entrepreneurs one should set up an awareness drive across schools colleges to acknowledge the work of Social entrepreneurs.

Contributed By- Ritika Sinha, Content Writer at Mitti Ke Rang

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A social venture dedicated to empowering widows and single women to overcome poverty and dependency.

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