Small businesses and an increase in sales during Diwali.

Mitti Ke Rang
3 min readAug 4, 2020

Due to this uncalled and unanticipated pandemic, there has been a huge loss to industries and businesses. Small businesses are the most affected and facing the wrath of this pandemic. Small businesses are independent owners who are retail operators and provide services like grocery stores, medical stores, bakeries, etc. These businesses run with a small budget, intensive labor, and indigenous technologies. They seek opportunities wherein they can produce goods as they like or produce services and display their independence. They contribute generously to the economy. They are feasible for those people who want to establish their own independent venture out of their interest and creativity. Small businesses play a vital role in eradicating poverty. Products offered by them include the basics of our life such as newspapers, dairy products, items in grocery stores, dry cleaners, barbers, etc. During the pandemic, many people are engaging in businesses of masks and sanitizers raising their scope of earning to maintain their lives in this tough time.

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Women entrepreneurs are playing a very pivotal role. Small businesses are helping women break through all unconventional records and rise up to their individuality. They are on the ground with their businesses and making every possible effort to make it flourish. Besides being educated, hard-working, talented they are successful in nurturing their entrepreneurial skills. They are proving their multitasking abilities. They are driven by their goals. Some examples of such talented women are Gunavathy Chandrasekaran — Despite being financially weak she started her work from scratch making scrap paper into beautiful pieces of art. She runs her own brand Guna’s Quilling and also has trained more than 2000 artisans mostly populated by women. Anita Gupta: founded the Bhojpur Mahila Kala Kendra in 1993, to empower women from small towns by providing them with education and employment training. The NGO has trained more than 25,000 women in nearly 400 skills and has formed around 300 women self-help groups in Bihar.

These are some initiatives by women that led us to believe that business affairs hold neutral responses from both men and women. We should with all our capacity uplift the efforts of all the budding women entrepreneurs.

Keeping in mind, the emphasis on Aatm- Nirbhar Bharat during this unprecedented pandemic these small businesses must be helped to cave their paths to better reach. As Diwali — the festivals of lights is all ready to welcome us we should adhere to the importance of aatm- Nirbhar Bharat. Instead of hopping to foreign brands for Diwali shopping, we could step out to some small entrepreneur who is shedding all his/her effort to make some income. We could approach them for purchasing diyas, clothes, and sweets. They are already wrestling with their thoughts about facing the competition, we could make it easy for them to believe in their capabilities. Our small effort will lead to big impacts. Let's make it happen altogether.

Contributed By- Diksha Jaiswal, Content Writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

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