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Mitti Ke Rang
3 min readJul 7, 2020


Creating a job for yourself, setting your own hours, earning by doing what you love, and moreover being your own boss is a great deal. Nothing’s better than having your own freedom, social recognition, controlling your income, even though reaching there has got it’s own highs and lows but to achieve something you need to work hard so why not self employ yourself and do what you love, isn’t it exciting? So let’s get to the logistics behind working for yourself.

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How to start working for yourself:

1)Set your target

Before self employing yourself, you need to be clear about your target, be it setting up a business or freelancing. After this decide the type of work you love doing, then hit the play button, and don’t pause it till you make it!

2) Stay committed and focus

To grow and expand your business or if you freelancing you require mental focus and a full-time commitment to yourself and the customers. There’s no one you need to answer and this sometimes can let you fall back. So hustle till you achieve!

3) Investing money

Here investing money will make you think twice, actually more than twice that whether or not self-employment is the best choice but give it a shot, work hard and don’t stop. In the end it will pay off!

4) Dealing with unexpected problems

Self-employment has its own challenges and many problems will knock your door but keep calm and face it. Every problem comes with solutions, that’s how you learn and grow. It’s totally worth fighting for.

5) Consistency

Staying consistent in what you’re doing is what matters the most. People start giving up because of problems, circumstances but next time when you are on the verge of it, just remember you didn’t start just to give up.

Here’s what you get after reaching the spot of self-employment

  • Independence to make self decisions
  • Control and flexibility on work and time
  • Self-satisfaction
  • Great income

This list never ends if you make it till the end. You need to invest a lot of time, dedication, hard work, money, dealing with problems but living life as we please is what everyone dreams of so why not work for it and later enjoy the fruit of success.

So go out of your comfort zone, because nothing will happen if you do nothing, right?

Contributed By- Drishti D, Content Writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

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