Self Discipline and Lifestyle during COVID-19

Image By- Anand Sinha

The COVID19 era has changed the lifestyle of humanity tremendously. All the outdoor activities that we used to take for granted now seem a luxury. The two months of lockdown, imposing an almost no show outside was a great adaptation period. It has affected the lives of all on many counts.

There used to be very little family time but now it has stretched for long. This redefined the relationships with long chats in drawing rooms and video calls with distant relatives. After so many years, there was a clear sky, twinkling stars, chirping birds, and the dance of nature around- louder and clearer. It was altogether a new experience. People tried their hands at many recreational/self-improvement activities like cooking, singing, blogging, gardening, reading, binge-watching, joining online courses, etc. for their psychological wellness.

Though the initial transitory phase was a bit gloomy with bouts of frequent lows, mood swings, etc, it was soon resolved with people adapting swiftly to work from home through Zoom, Gotowebinar, WhatsApp, Microsoft teams, etc and found them very efficient. Students are also better contended with online classes, tutorials, and periodical evaluations. COVID19 has inculcated a greater sense of hygiene & cleanliness and people have also learned the meaning of social distancing. Indoor exercises, yoga, meditation, etc have become the new norm. Housewives have indulged themselves in binge-watching of web series on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Voot, etc. and honed out their cooking skills.

Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

How COVID19 will unfold in the future, no one can predict with certainty. With infections rising day after day, the situation may call for frequent reviews on lockdown. Awareness, self-discipline, social distancing, masks, etc. are the keywords for defense against COVID19. It is probably going to stay until a proper vaccination program comes up and everyone has to be cautious towards self-health and of others by practicing social distancing. The current situation demands to have an optimistic outlook towards life.

Contributed By- Siddhart Jangid, Content Writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

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