Role of Social Media in Social Work

Have you ever been to a large place where many people gather to talk and get entertained? No right! Because I am talking about trillions of people in a single place. But you are in that place most of your time not in reality but virtually. You have guessed it right, it’s Social Media! Hashtags Stories Connections Likes are the most familiar words to every generation.

So is Social media a place for entertainment or it can be used for other purposes. Yes, social media is the new business tool for everyone who wants their product or service to reach maximum people. We hardly check out the billboards on roads but we surely click on fancy posters on our feeds. So, let’s understand how social media can help social ventures. Social ventures or NGOs work towards the development society and they always need a platform or forum to reach out to more people. Different alarming issues spread in social media like a wildfire through hashtags’ and influencer posts on social media platforms.

So, let’s look at a few of the real-life stuff otherwise you all feel it’s too abstract. Like Mitti ke Rang has increased its reach not only in terms of volunteers but also has partnered with other organizations to raise funds and help people through its various social media accounts. Through the power of social media Mitti Ke Rang provided internships to many students and helped them to be a part of a social cause. So, we are seeing the power of Facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn etc in terms of value creation. But always does it play along the lines of growth. No nothing does actually, we always have two sides to the coin. So the other side of the coin says there are regulatory issues and privacy concerns. As the social worker sector is quite unregulated, governments find it hard to regulate now the online social workers. But we all have positive and negative sides, don’t we? We Just need to take care that our positive weighs more and reduces our negative impacts.

Contributed By- Soham Roy, Content Writer @ Mitti Ke Rang

At Mitti Ke Rang, we started with a COVID-19 community support fund raising, as an emergency response to provide a safety net to families. This will help them survive in lockdown period. We aim to directly support these families by providing a minimum wage, through transferring the same into their accounts or partner with local NGO, Organisation, Fellow or a Volunteer and support them with groceries.

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A social venture dedicated to empowering widows and single women to overcome poverty and dependency.

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